At what age can i run away without being brought home?

What Is The Legal Age In Ohio For Teens To Runaway With Getting Brought Back To their House?

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Once you are 16 you can run away and do what you will. Although your parents may still phone the police if you run away. But if you are 16 legally you can do what you want. I think. THats what I heard. And I am 13./

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I would nto suggest running away.. but once you turn 15.. or 16. you can choose to LIVE with someone else. but there has to be a reson. my cuzzin did the same thing. my grandparents phoned the police and asked what to do. theysaid he was abel to live with how he wanted since he was old enough. so he lived with my grandparents and is now well off. so hopefully you have someone close to you close by.

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i dont think you can run away at all under 18 with out being brought home, but if you really want to runaway you have to be smart about it, go some where no one know's about you can go to a girl's home home!! or you can try to work it out with you'r family!! that's up to you!!

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At 16 they will bring you home once and if you runaway again they can't do anything

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ummm no im 17 I ran away 10 months before I was 18 and they took me home

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Age Emancipation petition allowed: under 18 years of age.
§ 2919.12
>> Age of Majority: 18 <<
§ 3109.01

Spanked as an adult.

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what happens if you run away at 16 and come back at like 18 or 19 .
like what would happen would you have 2 do years or nothinq because your 18
can your ppls still call the police on you .???

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At 16 you can runaway and stay with a friend until you go home. As log as you have a good reason why like abuse or you had a huge fight with your parents and you need to chill out for a little bit. If not they can take you right on bac home.

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In order to be able to runaway legally and not be brought back to your parents, you would need to be 18 years of age.

If you were to stay at a friend's house they can be charged with harboring a runaway in the state of Ohio.

If you are having trouble at home, talk to the police or to a counselor. They can get you help.

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