Is anyone else noticing that there's like a new crowd at FA?

like,a lot of the ‘old regulars’ dont see them as much..if at all.

Answer #1

new pains in the arse

Answer #2

yea i see what you mean… i guess FA is getting a lot more users.

Answer #3

It happens. Unfortunatly (and sometimes fortunatly) people come and go on this site. In the 2 1/2 years ive been on here, there are only about 4 people that i’ve talked to from the beginning that still come on pretty regularly.

Answer #4

it makes me sad sometimes. like i come to love some of these people cuz we get close nd then POOF theyre gone.

Answer #5

lol x)

Answer #6

Not really. I see a lot of people coming and going and it doesn’t seem like there’s any more than usual as of late. Although, I’m not really one to pay much attention to these things. Mind sharing who the old regulars are?

Answer #7

It is all the users from Blurtit, which, to some of you, is NOT a bad thing

Answer #8

from what?

Answer #9

basically, most of the people on my list on my profile. im not seeing quite a few of them

Answer #10

eh. i want the oldies back! lol

Answer #11

A competing site that a bunch of people here migrated from after they made some changes that didn’t flow well.

Answer #12

oh. never heard of it ->guess its not that important =D

Answer #13

Blurtit was the best website! But I think FA is a teensy weensy but better. it was very important!!!! :(

Answer #14

Well you sure were quick to leave.

Answer #15

how can it be the best, if something else is better?

Answer #16

am i a regular user? :O

Answer #17

yes ! lol i just had a break down tho =D : clicks alert button OMG IRENES STILL HERE!

Answer #18

im here to stay <3 unless i get disabled :P

Answer #19

I was quick to leave because I hated the changes they made, but the good remembrances of Blurtit are what stay in my mind - not the bad ones…..miss you Blurtit!

Answer #20

Let’s not get catty ladies.

Answer #21

lol i wish everyone else felt that way, my wall used to be like filled up with like, euans stuff ( he is here still i know, just quiet) angel’s,connie’s =\ and like the whole group of people who EVERYONE used to know

Answer #22

uhm.. no ones getting catty?

Answer #23

Who do you think are the regulars, and who are the newbie regulars? Just wondering lol

Answer #24

like, miguel. euan. colleen. you irene. angel. michelle. me. janicee. etc. everyone who used to be here like everyday who everyone knew. theres a lot im missing. i know, and a lot of em are still here.. theyre just quiet. lol

Answer #25

I think the people from Blurtit are a little over bearing…maybe the others don’t feel comfy anymore….idk just a guess….

Answer #26

no that wuldnt stop them. a lot of them just dont get on anymore. most are quiet cuz theyre closeish friends are quiet or left nd theres just no one to talk to anymore. i think

Answer #27

I just signed up a couple of dayss ago. (:

Answer #28

hi, lol?

Answer #29

Hello (:

Answer #30

yu seem,,smiley

Answer #31


Answer #32

definitely a lot more newbies on the site, dont really know if i have the rights to say that, but i’ve been on here for a while and use it often enough so! :)

Answer #33

I’ve been on almost everyday for the past few months. :P I love this site, and I doubt I’ll leave anytime soon. :P

Answer #34

Lol, catty? xD

Answer #35

I used to come on here so much, it was becoming unhealthy lol. Things have been busy with me lately, trying to get things organized in my life and whatnot. I try to pop in from time to time, but I’m not as talkative, sadly. I miss it though!!! :)

Answer #36

Yep, I noticed right after the site became basically the way it is now, that an overwhelming amount of the “old regulars” went away.

Answer #37

its sad =\

Answer #38

I second that emotion, Angel :) I just hope that people actually want me here and don’t want me to leave, not to sound selfish or anything…

Answer #39

Yeah it is, cause you would get familiar with all of them, and then there was a drastic change and you feel as if you were a member of something that was turned into total chaos, which in the case of this site it seemed as if it was. People seem to like it this way better, I don’t quite get why, but hey, to each his own, and I CHOOSE to be a member here, I have the choice not to be. If it bothers me so bad I can go.

Answer #40

why are you guys the old pain the arse ? roflol

Answer #41

hehehe, ikr!

Answer #42

It’s unfortunate, but in my years of being here I’ve seen a lot come and go too. Some people you never expect it from, while from others you hope it from because they’re having a negative impact on the community. In all cases, though, you have to try to accept the change and reach out to the new people, because there are actually some really cool new people. ^^ We were all new at some point, we must always remember that.

Answer #43

no. lol we’re just the ones that everyone has alrdy known and adapted to so we arnt pains =D often lol

Answer #44


Answer #45

yea i feel ya =\ but like, im the kind of person that sticks to something till the end. even if its going bad. so unless i get disconnected ill still be here..even if no one else is =) lol ill just post to myself to make it so i dont feel lonely lol

Answer #46

haha well I felt like it was the end cause it was such a drastic change.

Answer #47

lol ikr right

Answer #48

Hey guys! :)

Answer #49

uhm, hello?

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