Does anyone else seem to notice a group/mob mentality on FunAdvice for certain things?

I notice it especially with liking answers for questions. I’ve seen plenty of instances where a couple people will like a certain answer, and from that point on, whether it was useful or not, more and more people seem to like it, even if there’s another answer that was genuinely better. Do you think this is just people not actually looking at all the answers, or something else?

Answer #1

funny sarcasm beats any real answer lol if i find it funny ill like it. One i cant seem to explain is this one:

Answer #2

I think it’s just a matter of people agreeing with what someone else has said. I’m not sure if people like answers from people strictly because they’re friends with that person, but I go through a lot of questions personally and like ones that I find helpful.

Answer #3

YES! i do.. its mob rules on here.. changes from time to time kinda not really.. I also notice the same people answering every question, not that they shouldn’t but BORING…

Answer #4

Eh, it’s not a big deal, I dont think.

Answer #5

I’ve noticed it more in cases where everyone will gang up on someone. I dont know about the liking part. I think in those situations the answer is just funny, and so people will like it for that reason (useful or not). I dont see how it has to do with mob mentality.

Answer #6

The instances I’m thinking of are ones where it’s just a general, mundane answer. And for some reason it will have a pile of likes, when there are better answers there. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen.

Answer #7

Yes, I have noticed it more since the cash for point incentive started. It is usually the same people who answer and post questions day in day out…They tend to receive the most likes and their answers are very similar to someone who has either posted the same response to theirs earlier on… It does want me laugh when I read an answer and the person has 1 or 2 likes and their answer is more of an opinion then facts and someone has posted facts but received no likes, it is so obvious their mates are giving them the points..I think it will eventually bring the creditability of the likes button or the site down a tad…..Not really seeing the mob mentality on the new format thou, on the old format definitely.

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