How do I stop eating without my parents knowing?

I’m trying not to eat anything , but I dont know how to do it without my parents getting suspisicous . what do I do or say when I’m called for dinner ? I really want to lose weight and im scared that if they find out im not eating that they’ll send me to get help . WHAT DO I DO ?

Answer #1

when you are at dinner, just twirl your food around on your plate and make it look like you are taking bites. I always do it. if you break and actually eat, you can always go in the bathroom and make yourself throw up. it is easier to do so if you drink a soda or something fizzy before you throw up

Answer #2

Heeyyy im 13 Yearss old andd I haven’t eaten anything in 2 months, even the site of food makes me feel so sickk, the thoughtt of it makes me gag. Ino this sounds bad but when I don’t eat it makes me feel happy, I have fainted once at school andd was sent home. My parents have found out that im starving myself and sometimes tend to throw up, they now think im anorexic its been worth it though because I’ve lost a stone I was 10 stone now im 9 and im 5ft8 whichh is a bit under weight. My parentshave been threatening me, crying and trying to force me to eat. I hate it, I want to be normall again. I’ve been to the doctorss about this, they haven’t made any difference they didn’t even do anything for me NOTHING, I just need help, please someone help me, I’ve even got voices in my head that are telling me (when I try and eat something) that it is wrong and im gunna b fat and I get an image in my head of me being about 4 stone heavier than I am. When I look in the mirror all I see is a big fat blob, will I ever be normall again. People say it sticks in your mind forever and only slightly covers up. I WANT TO BE NORMALL AGAIN.

Answer #3

Listen, when you stop eating for like a few hours to lose a bit of weight, you get it back because when you eat you will keep eating until your stomach is satisfied.

Answer #4

You should really eat! Just ask your parents if you could eat healthier, if you’re worried about your weight. They might even help you a lot to lose weight.

Answer #5

urm personnaly I think its stupid. go on a diet man!!! or just cut down on the portions you eat eg… if you normally eat half a pizza eat a quarter :)!

Answer #6

Do not stop eating. You can and wll die from it. If you are anorextic then tell someone quick. Trust me I have seen people and they look like a walking skeleton. And trust me it doesn’t look any better in a coffin. Anyway, if you want to loose weight eat heathly foor and try to stay away from junk food. Walk,jog,run, be active. Also maybe lift weights if you can, but start out small and work your way up. Put it this way, if you start throwing up and a little girl see’s you or just hears you, she may think it is right. Then she goes how and stops eating and dies and the only reason why she died is because she saw/ heard you and thought it was right.

You in some way are a rolemodel. Little children watch you and think about it. If you don’t want anyone else dead then don’t do it. If you have ever seen pictures from africa where the children and all skin and bones, then you know what you will look like if you don’t eat. You can go to the hospital if you don’t eat and you may get organ damage. It is a serious thing and you only get one chance at your body. If you screw up and die, you don’t get another chance.

Answer #7

umm… I used to be annorexic at the age of 12 and was almost hospitalized for fainting, no period, and over exercising to the point of dehydration. It is a temptation to go back b/c its addicting and it makes you happy when other things in your life make you feel bad. Its not right tho. I am a major cross country athlete, actually the only freshmen on the Varsity, and did I get there from being anorexic?? No. I got there cause I wanted help. ALL OF you WHO ARE ANOREXIC OR TRYING TO BE, you WILL DIE AND IT WONT BE PRETTY, I know I almost did.

Answer #8

im anerexic myself and I have managed to keep it a secret from my parents basicly just type in on google what diets do anorexic’s have ? thats how I got to be were I am now
I dont regret eneythink because I did weigh 12st and now I weigh 5st I feel so good

Answer #9

all you people who are not answering her/his Q are stupid-she/he knows it’s unhealthy, she/he knows its dangerous! if you dont have an answer, dont post anything in response to a Q

                okay to secretly stop eating, (this is what I did) chop up your 
                food to make it look like youre eating, bring boxes of food into
                your room so your parents think your eating it when really your
                not. and plus, force vomit by sticking a toothbrush way down 
                your throat.
Answer #10

You need to learn more about anatomy and physiology before you try doing something so radical and dangerous.

Not eating anything will kill you. That’s what “starvation” is. Starvation is not a fun way to die. People who choose not to eat are not healthy. They have a disease called anorexia.

When people try to not eat at all or eat less than their body needs, they might start getting side effects after just the first day. They might feel sluggish, sleepy, light headed, or sick. After a while, their teeth and hair might fall out. They may end up with permanent organ damage. They may lose their ability to have children. Their metabolism slows down as their body tries to conserve energy.

It’s not a pretty way to die.

If you suspect you have anorexia, tell someone immediately. Anorexia is life threatening and requires immediate professional help.

If you did not realize what anorexia and starvation were, did not realize that that’s unhealthy, and just want to be in shape, then you need to:

-Walk often -Eat about 1700 calories a day (more or less depending on your size) -Drink lots of water -Eat about six smallish meals a day to keep your metabolism going fast so you burn calories quickly -Avoid saturated fat -Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Answer #11

to you girls who say that you are anorexic I feel horrible for you. the chick who is 11 and anorexic? are you kidding??? your sick, its not healthy my little sister is 11 and the thought of her starving herself makes me cringe. GET SOME HELP. and I would not at all want to help someone become like you are! and you should NOT be swallowing toxic things so that you can make yourself throw up!!! its dangerous and very very stupid!

Answer #12

Eat for energy, healthy veggies,fruits,and legumes, all natural and as raw as possible.

Answer #13

Eat for energy, vegetables,fruits,and legumes. eat all natural and as raw as possible. No need to starve. Excercise. Never try to lose weight for a specific look. Just maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you will give God love as he returns it. Thank you!

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