Problem behaviour or not?

My son is 5, I have no control over him, he never listens to me, rarely makes eye contact, makes random noises, gets outbursts or energy where he jumps around like a ‘monkey’, encourages his 1 yr old brother to do things he knows he shouldnt, he hits him, he has night terrors, sleep walks, sometimes wets the bed, often doesnt understand what he is doing wrong, has no concept of time what-so-ever. Hes just constantly on the go til his 7 o clock bed time! School are awear or his behavior but say he is managable. I have tried everything I know, I have done 6 courses on child behavior so its not like I dont know what I am on about. I ve tried time out, sticker/reward charts, choices & concerquences, no sweets/treats etc. Any one got any ideas on what to do now?

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or it could be ADHD ((which my brother also has)), or both ((…again…))

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Does he react (get more hyper) when there is more going on?

My son had a lot of the same problems (and still does, sometimes). I took him to a therapist and she found out from him that when there is a lot going on around him or when there is a lot of noise in a room that he got something he called “fire in his head”. He said it sounded like a fire (static) inside his head. When we found this out we tried keeping the volume level in the house down and it seemed to help. My son was also diagnosed with ADD impulsitivity. He does take the smallest dosage of medicine possible (it works but not like it should) because I’ve seen too many kids take medicine for ADD and then they become like a zombie of their former self and I wanted my child to still have his personality. Anyway, his medicine is helping with his impulses and attention span but if there is a lot of noise he still goes into his own little world and acts out.

Oh, punishment never worked for my son either (it seemed to make things backfire on me). Try a therapist for him, they really can help and if nothing else then they can help you learn how to deal with him better.

Good luck

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Strict regular bedtimes, warmed milk and a big storybook with not many pictures. I’d recomend fairytales for his age or something boyish like “where the wild things are” or “horrid henry”. Stories really do help this kind of thing, and playing with him. You say he has a 1 year old brother, he probably feels (unjustly so) quite inferior compared to his brother who gets held and cuddled all day . Before you tell him off , decide if its worth it because everything you tell him off for must be carried through till the end. If you tell him to put the car in the box and he gets away with it youve taken 3 steps back. If you make him do it with a tantrum its one forward. He is at that age where boys adore their mums so much and they understand some ‘grown up’ stuff but also respond very well to strictness , cuddles and attention. Learn not to shout or get angry, tell him off in a calm voice never with a voice that scares him. Smacking can be very upsetting when sibling rivalry is the issue : your 1 year old doesnt get smacked so why should he? Also when theres a time for gifts make sure a really good one comes from his little brother! It may also help when your younger one is ‘told off’ for things . The main thing is to make him feel truly loved but also like his place is second from bottom in the pack, he is a child and has to live by rules. Play a game with him at least once a day and even if he is naughty dont take it away as a punishment.
Most importantly cherish every moment, it is a joy and a privilige having 2 boys , mine were lost in a custody battle a year ago and what I wouldnt give to have those problems back again… get lots of photos and talk to him about when he was a baby . cherish every moment.

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Sounds like Aspergers Syndrome (which is a highly-functioning form of Autism that my brother has).

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beat him… take him to rehab..he needs thearpy sweet heart.. hopefully this is just a phase.. MAY GOD BE WITH YOU

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Do you think that he might have ADHD?

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You need to show him that you are the parent, and he is going to listen to YOU! If you don’t punish him, now is the time to start, even with the little one. If you don’t say NO, now is the time to start, even with the little one. My niece pulls a lot of crap on my sister-in-law, but when she is around me, she knows already not to pull that crap with me, I spank her softly but sternly, and I give her a look, she stops immediately and starts going to someone else to cry to, but comes back to me to give me hugs and kisses. That is called parenting (well to me).

Answer #8

I’d schedule some testing with a child psychologist to look for problems like Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD.

I don’t like the way your school is continuing on saying your son is “manageable.” You don’t want your son’s issues to be managed, you want them to be addressed. You need to know what you are up against and what you need to do to help your son rather than just getting by.

Good luck!

Answer #9

im not sure how you should control your son but his behavior sounds a little similar 2 my nephew hes 8 now and hes never listening to his mom or me he talks back curses and a couple of months ago he threw a tatntrum at me cause I wouldnt let him have his way so he punch me right in my stomach he got in trouble by my sis but he didnt even care. so im just saying find a way to control him soon before he gets way out of hand.

Answer #10

uhmm , do you give him enough attetion ?

Answer #11
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