How nice are memory foam mattresses?

I’m thinking about getting one but am not sure if it’ll be worth it, would a memory foam mattress be something you’d reccomend?

Answer #1

Amazing…we had one in the states before we moved, it’s the only piece of furniture i miss. For me (and my wife) it was the very best bed we’d ever had.

However, the one downside when you have such a nice bed…even the best resorts will have crappy ones, by comparison.

Answer #2

pretty nice. the memory foam cushions are pretty good too, and i think theyre better for your neck.

Answer #3

Ohhh I have one! I had back problems so bad it was hard for me to get out of bed. When I found a furniture store that was trying to get rid of one at a very good price I jumped at the chance. I haven’t regretted it one bit! I love it and now I can actually get out of bed in the mornings and my back doesn’t hurt very much at all. All of our friends that come over and sit on it are like wow this is so nice I wish I had one! If you have a chance to get one I would strongly suggest you do, it is the best bed I have ever had!

Answer #4

They’re really nice unless you like a really firm bed.

Answer #5

Good point…we still have memory foam pillows. Those are also very good.

Answer #6

I like mine now but it took me a while to get used to it. For about a month my back ached from sleeping on it but after I got used to it I like it better. I also like my memory foam pillow though I wish it was a bit softer. I got the softest one Posturpedic sells but it is still a little on the firm side for me; I still like it better than other pillows though.

Answer #7

They are really comfortable. I like the pillows too

Answer #8

My friiend has one and he cant stand it because he likes to switch postions and he says “its like quick sand.”.. so he sleeps on the floor. But i love it, I am a gymnast and I am usually coming home from the gym my back is sore when I stay over my back feels so much better in the morning

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