How can you keep a sheet from coming off a corner of your mattress?

I am so tired of putting my sheet back on my bed all the time!! I want to be able to sit on my bed without worrying about it coming off. Anyone have any good ideas?

Answer #1

Do you know what hospital corners are? Thats a particular way of folding the corners under so they do come out. Google it. Also they sell these elastics that have alligator clips on either end and they pull the sheets tight so they don’t move. Sue

Answer #2

They sell these triangular fabric thingies that hold down sheet corners. I’ll try to find a link online. You just cover the corner with it, stretch it over the corner, and it holds it down. I’ll find a link to buy or picture.

K found em! They’re called “sheet corner straps or sheet corner suspenders”. Amazon sells them here:

Answer #3

Awesome!! Thanks!!!

Answer #4

Rachel I so know what you mean, I fix my sheets every min because they keep coming off the corner that is closest to the wall, so annoying…but me tossing & turning pulls it right off again.

Great post!

Thanks Dara!!!

Answer #5

They make sheet garters…they look just like a long version of what women used to use to keep their stockings up, except there is a garter on both ends. They sell them at Walmart.


Answer #6

I need to get those sheet straps too. I gave up on using sheets and only use a comforter now.

Answer #7

you can pin ( with a safty pin) the sheet to the mattress

Answer #8

The alternative to adding gadgets to your sheets is to try a sheet that actually works. You can try drawstring sheets. Elastic sheets are just not cutting it. Especially if you have a very thick mattress or have a feather bed topper. Memory foam mattresses also pose a challenge to elastic sheets. Comfy Snug drawstring sheets hold tight and adjust to the mattress thickness. Not only do drawstring sheets hold onto the mattress, they are also smooth and flat and comfortable night after night.

Answer #9

To be honest, you could try all of the sheet modifications in the world, but the reality is that you need a new fitted sheet. It doesn’t have to be brand new, sheets are expensive, maybe try a secondhand one. But yeah you need a different sheet. I’ve had the same problems before and it’s just that the sheet is old and the corner elastic is worn out.

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