What do you do when your neighbours won't stop blaring their music?

What do you do when your neighbors wont stop blaring out there crappy poop they call "music" really loud? and they wont let you sleep!!!!?

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Ask him to stop and if he doesnt call the police.

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they'll shoot me.

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Haha then you wont have to hear the music :) you will also be able to sleep

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If you live in a condo, I'd knock against the wall or call the superintendent to tell them to tone it down!! If you live in a house, I'd call the police as said by amanda if you've told them to tone it down and they don't.

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when they are asleep start blaring your music show them what it's like and what you have to put up with soon enough they will learn to stop. or just all the copz

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Listen to their music louder than they are listening to theirs but make sure it's a type of music they'll hate. for example if they are listening to rap you should listen to rock music our country music, if they are listening to rock music listen to classical music. but you have to make sure it's loud enough that they hear it

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Call the police let them deal with it unless u know ur neibours and are on good terms with them if not just call the police when it happens and tell them of a public disterebance ,

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Call the police!

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I've had this lifelong fantasy of taping noisy neighbors - music, barking dogs, and then playing back the tape at 5 am for them. It remains a fantasy to this day. As far as practical advice, have you tried actually discussing it with them, face to face, in a non adversarial way? You'd be surprised how often that helps.

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