My cellphone went through the wash!

ok I recently bought my friends cell for about 20$ he bought it for just under 200$ its a samsung with a plexy glass like cover with built in camera and clock on cover he left it in his pocket and whent threw the wash I dont know what he did to it after but it will only flash the start up screen it just flashes the samsung pic then goes white and does it over and over and I cant shut it off unless I take the battery out I got it today and im not sure when his phone whent threw the wash but I assume in the past month (probly few weeks) its pay as you go what can I do to fix it or can I if not will sasktell fix it for free if not how much will it cost or any other helpfull info will help

Answer #1

I would say just work on getting a new phone you can also do what stephanie has said, send it to the company but that can take ages for them to get it, and I dont think they can fix it once water and eletrical appliences mix, theres a good chance its broken and even if they could “fix” it, therell probably still be some problems you really need to get a new phone now

Answer #2

Take the cell phone back to the store where you bought it and see if they can fix it. It sounds like it probably won’t be able to be fixed but try and if they can’t fix it, get a new one. I’m sorry if I wasn’t any help but, just try these suggestions.

Answer #3

I’m sorry to say but it was probley stolen or something. Theres no way someones going to pay $200 for something then turn around and sell of for $20. Anyways if you want it fixed you’ll have to sent it away to the company and they will try and figure out whats wrong.

Answer #4

send it to a repair shop

it needs to be formated and the software needs to be re installed… dont do anything yourself or you might make it worse

I’ve worked on a cell service shop and I’ve seen a lot of phones do that

Answer #5

It’s probably ruined, but try the following anyway. Take the battery out immediately and let the phone and battery dry completely (for a week or so) before reinserting the battery.

If you immediately remove the power/battery from wet modern electronics, most of the time, they will still work fine after they dry out, because the parts are all sealed/mostly sealed. But if you don’t, you risk shorts that damage the circuitry permanently.

I recently fell into the pool while cleaning it and had my cell phone in my pocket. I immediately removed the battery and let it dry out for several days in the heat outside (but not in direct sunlight) before reinserting the battery. It works perfectly.

Answer #6

Take out the batteries, put about 1inch of salt in a tub, wrap it in a single layer of tissue, put it in the tub and cover it in about 3 inches of salt and then seal the tub.

Leave it like this for a week before trying again.

The salt will absoeb the moisture out of the phone.

Not guaranteed to work, depending on the damage (this works best if you do it as soon as the phone is damaged) but it will certainly draw out most of the moisture.

Also, you dont need to tamper with anything and can still send it back for repairs if it does not work.

PSDoes your friend not have a household insurance policy that covers accidental damage?


Answer #7

nope it wasnt stolen I know the guy his dad bought it for him hes just dumb

Answer #8

thx everyone

Answer #9

Why on earth did you buy a phone in that condition? I dont care how cheap it was, what good is it? Chalk it up to a brain fart and go buy a new phone.

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