What to do about being naturally thin?

I don’t diet, I’m not anorexic etc. It hurts when people call me that :/ Really I should be..fat..with all the crap I eat at times, but I just have high metabolism and all; my doctor says I’m fine etc. but it’s just poor self-confidence because I have no chest, no curves and yet I’m normal height. Supposedly that’s what models are supposed to look like; scrawny, long legged. All I feel like is clumsy and awkward though. HALP!

Thank you.

Answer #1

Embrace it. Many would wish to be your size. Either that, or implants. You decide. :)

Answer #2

//chucks implants across the room

Thank youu <3

Answer #3

//chucks implants across the room

Thank youu <3

Answer #4

Lol, i’m guessing you chose implants? But be careful if you do. That’s something that should be discussed thoroughly with multiple doctors to ensure you are in good hands. And also, wait until you are older(obviously). Some people hit a point in their life where their metabolism changes or boobs begin to grow bigger. Wait until mid/late 20’s to decide. Don’t let others decide for you. Just because someone says your anorexic, doesn’t mean you go stuff your face with twinkies. Just because someone called me ugly, doesn’t mean i’m gonna go wear more makeup. You are beautiful just the way you are, and many others think that. Don’t listen to those few people who think you’re not. Nobody’s perfect, everyone has a few flaws.

Answer #5

I WOULD KILL TO LOOK LIKE YOU :( remember, in europe, people who look like you are stunning. and i think its stunning too :) your very very very lucky

Answer #6

No x3 I didn’t choose implants, hence the tossing-implants-across-the-room. I don’t plan on surgically altering my body unless my life depends on it.

So thank you for your sweet words; I’ve been looking about the internet for healthy ways to gain weight; eating bigger portions of (good) meals combined with light excersize (walking/jogging) seems to be a good way to go; that and I also take dance class, so yep. :)

Answer #7

I’ll have to visit Europe, then :) Thank you for your kind words; but please don’t go ‘round killing people ;) You are GORGEOUS C:

Answer #8

I understand why those remarks are bothering you because being called anorexic can be just as upsetting as being called fat; both criticize your body, which can be embarassing and humiliating, especially at your age. A lot of people struggle with body issues, so you’re not alone. I think being naturally thin is a beautiful thing. So what if you’re small-chested? You can eat WHATEVER you want, haha, I think that’s a pretty good trade off. Also, there are so many clothes that probably fit you perfectly. For some reason, going on runs helps me a lot with my confidence and just makes me feel like an over-all happier person, so I would totally recommend working out. :)

Answer #9

Man’s point of view: I’ve had several very sexy girlfriends who were thin and flat-chested. Simply concentrate on being healthy because ultimately that’s what looks good. Also, wait and see …. at 15 your current body shape isn’t necessarily the one you will have when you are 30 or even 20 years old.

Answer #10

I’m like you too actually, exactly like that. It used to bug me a ton as well but I got over it and now I’m kind of proud of it. It’s just something you’ve got to get used to and then embrace. Plenty of girls wanna look like you and there are plenty of men who like that sort of thing as well, not all men like really curvy women or big breasts. So really, you’re fine. Just remind yourself you’re beautiful.

Answer #11

In my opinion, girls look very pretty when they are slim. I am a very thin guy, considering my age, and height. I like my body. But, there are lots of people out there, who ask me to be fat. Sometimes, I wish to be fat. But, sometimes I prefer to be thin. The reason is that, whenever, I go out somewhere alone, or with my family, friends, and relatives, I noticed several times that, I sometimes become the center stage of attraction. People just notice me. These include mostly slim girls. At times, I enjoy this attention people give me. At times, I just feel weird, as I feel like I am not getting any privacy. LOL. I remember last year, when I was going to attend an interview, in a Metro, lots of people around there were looking at me. And that too, after I wore a tie… So my mind was like - did I do something wrong??, or maybe, wearing tie isn’t allowed over here. After sometime, I overheard some old lady saying to some old man (her husband, I guess). “Look at that kid… He’s going for a job, at such a small age”… What was unknown to that old lady was, that, I was, in fact 24 years old at that time… And another instance, where, I was shopping alone, buying some fruits, at least, 5 - 10 persons were staring at me… So, for these reasons, sometimes, I enjoy being slim, and sometimes, I wish to be a little bit fatter, as I am a pretty shy guy… so getting all that attention, makes me go mad…..

Answer #12

Your lucky, flat/flatter chested girls can pull off neck lines on shirts etc. that a busty girl couldn’t even dream of wearing. Your metabolism will slow down the older you get. dont go doing anything drastic. You can work out & eat carbs and stuff like pasta and drink milk.(yes working out can help gain curves, getting muscles might thicken you a bit) But dont eat junk food to try to gain weight. it will just make you unhealthy, and get a big belly.

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