Naturally Thin People

I’m trying to find out how naturally thin people eat, so I can see if I can model some of my new habits after them. I’m also very curious (as someone with dysfunctional eating habits) just what is “normal” to some people. So…are you naturally thin/average in terms of weight? What is your typical day like in terms of meals and snacks?

More specifically, I’m interested in:

  1. What’s your typical breakfast?
  2. What’s your typical lunch?
  3. What are some typical dinners?
  4. Do you eat differently on the weekends than you do on weekdays?
  5. Do you snack? If so, how often and on what?
  6. Do you eat differently on holidays? How so?
  7. If you’ve eaten a bigger than usual meal, do you adjust your next meals at all?
  8. What do you do if you find that you’ve put on a few pounds?
  9. Do you exercise? If so, how & how often?
  10. Do you use artificial sweeteners? In what situations & how often?
  11. What beverages do you drink? Do you drink diet versions of soft drinks?

Also please feel free to let me know anything else about your daily diet / exercise that you think might be useful or interesting!


Answer #1

I am naturally thin I am 15 and weigh 90 pounds and I hate it I wanna weigh 80 or either 115 its really hard for me to gain weight

Answer #2

You see how the “thin” people respond to you when you try to approach them on what they eat. I believe if you follow a diet of natural foods, more than processed foods to be healthy would be the best option. And this is for all the rude “skinny” people that responded, JUST BECAUSE YOUR SKINNY DOESN’T MEAN YOUR INSIDES ARE HEALTHY.

Answer #3

Naturally thin people don’t have any particular eating habits—the way our body metabolizes is just a lot faster than the average person. I used to rejoice if I gained a few pounds!! As hard as overweight people find it to believe, it is practically as hard for us to GAIN wt as it is for them to LOSE wt.

When I first became pregnant w/ my daughter I weighed 98 lbs and was 5’2”. About 10 lbs underweight so my OB told me she wanted me to gain 40 lbs–I just laughed, I couldn’t gain 5 lbs much less 40 but our bodies do what they must (the day I went into labor I had gained EXACTLY 40 lbs

I don’t understand what you are trying to find out. No special diets, no particular routines for the majority of us. I may go a whole day w/ out eating and then next day eat 3 meals, then the next I might be gnawing on the woodwork in my house looking for stuff to eat. (;

Answer #4

you dont really get it naturally thin people are born that way they eat a lot of food more than what normal people eat even and because they have a fast metabolism they dont put any of that weight on there body is predisposed to doing that because they were born that way its not like naturally htin people follow a diet to stay thin no matter what they eat, they stay that way

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