My girlfriend won't let me finish her

When I'm fingering my girlfriend, and she's about to climax (she's breathing really hard and moaning) she will just reach down and yank my hand away. It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. I'm just wondering what to do and if anyone has any advice?

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im sure angelfire is wrong. girls can and do org**m from fingering. maybe she doesnt want to go that far. talk to her. you need to know

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I dont think shes about to climax...most girls cant orgasm from just fingering. Maybe shes just not ready to go any further it. That is her decision, and also something you should communicate to her about.

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the clit is extremely sensitive. if a guy could feel the full range of pleasure a woman can feel during sex it might kill him. pleasure is like pain, you have to be trained to stand it. you might notice when you go down on her that she might get more into it everytime. you arent going to make her cum he first time. you need to build up. just push her to the limit everytime, and that limit wil lgo higher.

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The clitoris is a very sensitive organ and maybe the feeling is so intense for her that she has to push your hand away...I don't think she does it to make you feel bad...When you're doing this talk to her and ask her what she wants you to do or ask her to show you what will make her feel good/ climax...Remember communication is key

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I ctually I do the same with my boyfriend and because I don't trust him a lot I feelthat he will make me pain or hewill make his finger go farther in me !!! sothat iswhy I feel scary

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maybe shes a "squirter"? and doesnt wanna make a mess without preparing to take it any further. be patient and shell let you know whats going on.

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has she ever let you eat her out? because doing this could make her feel that you can be delicate.

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I've been with my g/f for a little over 4 years now..and her and I talk a lot and I've learnd a lot about female orgasm from her. its probably far from a trust issue. a girls clit like others have said is a very sensitive area. and well sorry so say but us guys including me, really cant even fathom the feeling. its more then likely that you are probably getting her to a certin point and you just cant get her any further with your current method so it just gets annoying to her and she pushes you away. kind of think of it like a girl thats clueless thats trying to give you head and it just isnt working out right and doesnt feel good and itl probibly not get you far. its not your fault its just uncomfortable to her. try asking her what methods you can use ..or even try watching her carefully do it herself to better understand it. also keep in mind that a female orgasm is just as much an emotional thing as it is a mechanical. make sure she is in the proper emotional state as well. good luck and happy fingering!!

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I have had several g/f's do this, Trust is a huge issue, girls arent like guys...we can cum for a grapefruit if it has been warmed up. But they (usualy) need a lot of trust for whoever it is they are with. There is also the issue of the Female Ejacultion...this is when the female excretes their ejaculatory fluids...hard to find, but very errotic.

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