Some ways 2 make an 8 year old fall asleep

I need some ways 2 make an 8 year old fall asleep before around 3 oclock 2day. I dont want 2 use any tpye of medicines either. Any suggestions?

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I would let them run and play so they would get tired or let them watch a movie or play in water something to keep them active so they will be tired around that time

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Try reading a story, playing outside so they can run around, watch a movie. I couldn't get my little cousin to sleep so I put on a movie and she fell right asleep. Her brother has been known to fall asleep during the middle of a story.

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Ok, I'm more concerned with why you're forcing an 8 year old go to sleep before that age, they don't generally nap anymore and the child should be active at 3:00 - not sleeping.

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play with him/her really hard before hand, or pretend to take a nap yoursef, so that maybe the kid will get bored and actually fall asleep.

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read him a story...

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