How to keep my daughter in her toddler bed?

How do I keep my daughter in her new toddler bed at night? She has been getting out of bed. I keep telling her that she has to stay in her “big girl bed” until mommy gets her in the morning but it didn’t work last night. I think I got about 3 hours of sleep and so did she, lol

Answer #1

I have a question, how old is your daughter, and do you yell at her or through any kind of fuss when she wakes up? because that just might be what’s keeping her coming out!!! children love love love attention! I have sooo much advice but my daughter just got home so I have to go…peace!! hope it helps..message me!!

Answer #2

one word: bribery. quarters work and also candy!!!

Answer #3

I bought my son a ‘bunny clock’. It has ears and eyes which move. When the child goes to bed, you put the bunny ‘to sleep’ by pressing a button, and his eyes shut and his ears go down. Then, in the morning (at whatever time you’ve set it for) the bunny ‘wakes up’ silently, opening his eyes and picking up his ears. You just tell the child: ‘if you wake up and bunny is still asleep, you have to stay in bed. When bunny is awake, you can get up.’ It doesn’t work at first, but you can just say ‘bunny is still asleep, so get back into bed until he wakes up’ etc, and in the end they get the idea!

I’m in Europe, so if you’re in America I don’t know where you’d get one from. I think Google might help, though!

By the way, I like the advice you’ve been giving people… Good luck with your daughter.

Answer #4

I know how you feel. I put my daughter in a toddler bed rather early, I think at like at year and a half.She would get out at pound on the door or just play.It may take a week or so but if you keep on going in and putting her back in bed and telling her it’s still bedtime. It all has to do with you not giving in. Eventually she’ll realize your not going to take her out of her room. What worked for me is constantly telling her what a big girl she was and that if she wants to grow bigger she has to go to sleep so her body can grow. Yeah, she still will get me to go into her room sometimes 2 or 3 times (she turned 3 in september)a night for an extra hug and kiss.I can just tell you that your baby will get used to it and eventually you will get more sleep.THANK GOD cause us moms are seriously deprived of sleep…GOOD LUCK!!!

Answer #5

I have tried all of these solutions. I am so tired and angry becausr my husband let’s her come get in the bed. I am going to lock the bedroom door.

Answer #6

my daughter is 2 and I don’t yell at her for getting up, I just tell her that she has to go back to bed and that mommy has to go to bed too cause it bedtime. the past two nights, she has stayed in bed all night. I tell her that she has to stay in bed until mommy comes and gets her up in the morning. but I do need to tell her at some point, that if something is wrong or if she is sick or hurting, then she should come get mommy

Answer #7

with my son I always had him in his crib but when I had bought him a big boy bed I took about a month to get used to it.

I would tell him about a half hour before bed to get ready and this is when I would go in his room and he would pick out 3 books to read and then he would bring his one toy to bed. we would read books and then before he would fall asleep I had a baby monitor that you could listen and talk both ways and I would tell him if he wakes up to call mommy over the monitor we called it a “Phone” I would sing a song and he would be back to sleep and at first he would call a lot but since I never got out of bed to go into his room he already knew the samething would happen and if started to be less and less that he called then just last week I bought my other son anthony a big boy and before that night Edward was like know anthony mommy dont be playing when she says stay in bed she means it she dont come in the room to put you back in the bed she dont want you comming in her room so if you’re a big boy you better stay in bed all night.

that was the cutest thing when my son was saying that I laughed on my insides

Answer #8

Flossheal, that is a great idea. I had never heard of the bunny. Very cool!

Answer #9

my 16 month old girl was in crib ,I just got her a toddler bed to learn her to sleep in , the probleme is that I use to always put her in crib let her cry 1 min till she get to sleep it always work good I never read story to her befor bed or waterver helse I give her a bath 1 hours befor and lunch and then bed time whit a milk botle cause her deases she have to drink lot special milk, I read that for the little bunny it sound cute also funny I would like to use that but im in canada never see that maybe a pic could help me get that bunny from somewhere I dont have a clue what to look for in store what that bunny look like.. I would really apreciated also if other have probleme whit they kids to get them to sleep in bed what have you done? so I cant try them too, I never yell at my babby I never been rude to her she know she is spoiled so she use her cry to get what she wont as she have deases it was hard to handle crying cause I was scard,,, I just cant find anyway that will be fun for her and good for me to sleep in toodler bed!! tank you all!!

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