16 year old mommy?

I was wondering if anyone out ther is 16 and had a baby im 15 and I thought I was pregnant and so it got me thinking… if anyone here is 16 and was pregnant at 15 and has a baby now what is your life like? and if you didnt keep the baby whats your story id really like to hear from you

Answer #1

Hello. I’m 18 and I had my daughter 8 days before my 16 birthday.. I got pregnant at age 15 with thr boy I thought I was gna spend forever with. We had been together for a year he was my best friend and seriously the best boyfriend ever. When I got pregnant I wasn’t his best friend anymore. I wasn’t important. He cheated oN me and it was oN the news because it was on a school trip. So everyone knew about it. It wasn’t my time to grow up yet. I was 15 he was 18 it was time for him to grow up. So me and my mother have raised my daughter and she is th best thing that has ever happened to me. But I didn’t and still don’t get to live my life selfishly. I would have it made if I didn’t have a baby. I have a great job a car my own place and nice things. My daughter too has the nicest things. Not only do I raise her by myslef I have to deal with a father that doesn’t care about anyone but his self. He doesn’t pay child support. And I deal with having to find baby sitters while I’m working my 39 hours a week at work. I was very lucky to have my mother who doesn’t work.. She helps a lot with child care. But I work get my child and go home and stRt my next day just the sMe. I’m 6 1/2 months pregnant with a little boy and threw this my 2 year old daughter is my best friend… Being a mom isn’t hard work… But focusing on thr right things as a teen mom is so hard. I’m not talking high or bragging about myself. But I was a varsity player in highschool all year playing three different sports. I’m popular and I cAn get almost anyguy that I wanted. But half the guys don’t understand the responsibitly in having a child… So I’m patiently waiting for mr. Right to come my way. I struggle everyday with wantin to get married and being complete family. And shRing my beautiful kids with someone that really cares for my whole package deal… I thought I had him… And he’s probaly one of the worst things that has happened to me. He has given me my beautiful daughter like I have given him his daughter. But he doesn’t care and I know we deserve more then that. Just please wait and be safe with sex. Pregnacy will be so much better when you have a husband to share it with. I live kids to death and I want so many more. But I want a real man to experience it with. I look forward to that day everyday… Just be safe about sex. And live your teenage life… Please. I hope this helped thank u. Lacrissadawn

Answer #2

I’m 34 now, but I was 16 when I had my daughter. It changed my life big time! makes you grow up REAL fast. I was a junior in HS. That summer before my Senoir year, my parents MADE me get married! I was only w/her father for 6 mths, and I didnt love him. I knew the marrige wouldnt last, and it didnt-only a year. Anyway, I did graduate. but during my senior year, I was a mom, going to school, working, had my own apartment, and married w/bills up the ying-yang! It was rough! I love sharing my story w/teens. If I could change just one life, I would be happy. Being a teen mom is hard, its not all fun and games and cute w/baby stuff etc. Dont get me wrong, I love being a mom (I have another daughter who is 6)just wait until you are ready! Babies are cute, but just remeber its a 24 hour job. USE CONTRACEPTION!!! Dont think, oh its just this one time, I wont get preg. Believe me from experience, it does happen! My daughter is 17 now, youre age. Since we’re so close in age, and I was young when I had her, we have a very strong relationship now. But its more of a sister relationship. She knows I’m her mom first, but I’m also more leniant w/her. I would NEVER tell her she was a mistake! She just happened sooner than expected:)) I enjoy being a young mom, because we wear the same clothes, she can talk to me about ANYTHING…BUT!!!…I WENT THRU HELL TO GET HERE!! I had to put all my hopes and dreams to the side, to give her a chance at life. When your 16,17 years old, you shouldnt be giving up your childhood!! Be a teenager! you always have time later in life to become a parent. I hope this helps. If you want to ask me anything, go ahead. I know I didnt go into any real detail about my experience because I didnt want to make this too long! I could actually write a book!:)) Good luck to you:)) Brandy

Answer #3

hi love im a mum at 17 but I had her at 16 found out at 15 its not bad but I just found out im preganat and life is good its fun

Answer #4

my sister was pregent at 15 had the baby got preg. again at 16.5 hand that baby left the father and now she is 25 and had 3 more kids with here current hushand to be I HOPE they get married but any way with the total of 5 kid now I love them to death but you must be ready to take care of them is not so cut when you dont have diaper money and a car to bring them places if you man is a little older than you and can help take care of is family am all for it but if you are single and living wit mom and dad I say be care ful your parents could not have to raise any one eles kid they did their job you do yours I hope this helps you may fun mail me am 24 with 2 kids and I can tell you anything you want to know

Answer #5

I’m 14 but I’m NOT pregnant. But I knew someone who was. She didn’t feel so hot all the time. - after she got pregnant she always ate the oddest things…it was freaky. sorry anyway - she had weird cravings and stiff like that.

Answer #6

you geet use to everything eventuallly.

Answer #7

im 15 but im a male but I inpregnated a girl on a cruise. she lives 600 miles away.

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