Young Mums?

Are you a young mum? How old are you? How are you dealing with it?

Answer #1

im 14 and I am a young mom I just had my daughter she is nnow 2 weeks now and it is easy to deal with but I have her father his mother and mine helping me so it cool

Answer #2

Im 15 and I might be and I dont see nothing wrong with it!! Just dont be like 13 or anything having a kid you know what I mean. But I think its better cause you can relate to them better. But that is my opion so yeah..

Answer #3

To: babybump no im not expecting , its just that I want to be a young mum!:)

Answer #4

Hey, I’ve just turned 20 last week:)…and I have 2 children, a girl (Cassidy 4) and a boy (Kaci 2). Like any parent would tell you, yes it’s difficult at time’s , but the good time’s over power the bad time’s and that’s how I cope. There father left me when my youngest was born, And that’s the only thing I find hard, it’s not the children them self’s. I also sufferd from postnatel deppression, and am recovering now, thank’s to help from my health visitor and doctor. I also work part time as a youth worker and plan top go full time in september. So I have no regret’s or anything tohaving my children young, infact it’s made me who I am . I have a lot more confidence now that I am a mom , and I feel like I belong.So good on all the young mum’s, and middel aged mum’s and even older mum’s. No matter how old you are, if you love your child and give your child the best life it can possiable have, then your a great mum.

Mum’s the word:)


Answer #5

I’m 16..well just turned 16 3days ago =] Obviously I had my son when I was 15.. he is 20days old now!! I’m coping just now with just me, my friends and his Godfather as my family dont want anything to do with me! Oh well you cope =] Are you expecting Hun??

Answer #6

im nineteen and I just had my baby three weeks ago

its hard cause his father is pretty far away but were dealing with it you just have to know your options and take all the help you can get its def a tie that you have to swallow your pride

Answer #7

I am 19, my baby is 10 months old. I am dealing with it, she is my life. But, it is extremly hard, but not impossible. I would suggest to you not to have a baby so young. I bust my a*ss waitressing tables so I can put myself through college .. .. and then I’ll be a nurse making $25/hour. It can be done but you have to work hard..

Answer #8

I’m 23 now, but I had my son when I was 15. He is now and always has been my pride and joy, but for those of you who want to be young parents it’s not at all easy and as some of you are finding out there is a lot hard times and strife involved. But also know it can be down and wind up in perfect shape, I dropped outta high school at 15, had my GED at 16, enrolled and finished college at 19, now I work for the eastern united states electrical company making 23 bucks an hour, so to all of you who have or are having children young, just keep your heads up and take atvantage of everything available to you, and I wish you all the VERY BEST OF LUCK!

Answer #9

one of my friends she just turned 16 and she has a little daughter named Malina and she is about 5 weeks and she is getting help from me and her family and the father the father is a 21 year old man with already 2 kids so I guess you could call her a young mother because she has 3 kids on her hands but she is dealing with it just fine she keeps up with everything

Answer #10

I was 17 but I had a misscarriage my third month. Its still hard to deal with sometimes.

Answer #11

am 17years old and I have a 5 month old .

I find it very easy dealing cause I have the father around to help me and I get help from my mum. the times when I find it hard is when he’s crying and I don’t whats wrong wit him.

Answer #12

I am not yet a young mom, but I will be. I am 19 years old and 32 weeks pregnant. I left his father in Florida with another woman, and I’m preparing to do this on my own. I’m super scared because I have never been around a newborn, but I can’t wait to meet my little miracle. As far as coping goes, I just breath in, out, and take it all just one day at a time. The only thing that could be considered negative for a young mom is that she may not be 100% financially stable enough to care for her baby the way she really wants to, then again, some older women can’t either.

Answer #13

Im not a young mum but my boyfriend is a young father I have been around for his little boy for 6 months and I have fallen in love with him. Its hard work but to see the smile on there faces at the end of the day you know you have done a good job but at the same time you just want to sleep!! Its crazy how fast time passes and how much they grow. The real mother is finding it hard to deal with the fact that im around her son and he likes me she seems to think im trying to tke over her job but its nothing like that I have found the right guy for me and he has a son who I love very much to im not trying to take over her job im just there to help. (ming you she is a little on the crazy side lol) Its a great feeling but there is a lot of baggage that comes with it SadiexxXx

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