I am moving to south dakota in 4 months

I am moving to south dakota in 4 months…and its such a small town…I am really scared what should I do?

Answer #1

you’ll adjust I lived in houston all my life then moved to floresvile which is a very small town but I actually ended up loving it so who knows you may too

Answer #2

Well, first of all…take warm clothes for winter… :)

Actually, small towns can be more fun…People tend to be warmer and kinder…since they know everyone. Also, you’ll be the big NEWS…I really do think you’ll enjoy your time spent in a tiny town.


Answer #3

What Part of South Dakota? Where are you moving from? There are some very cool areas in both North and South Dakota. I have traveled a bunch in my life. I have been in every inland state but Maine (bummer), and The Dakotas hold some of my very favorite spots.

Answer #4

For the first time in my life I’m living in a tiny village (between 35 and 47 inhabitants, depending on who’se counting). I’d grown up on a farm with no neighbours, and had studied at Columbia in New York.

But moving to the village was the most extreme of all!

First thing I was learned was to learn people’s names and who was related to whom and what they did. In a small place, people expect you to remember who they are - and because they are often related to each other, there are an awful lot of look-alikes, I found!

So I started making lists on my pc, and people were really happy when I could remember them!

Second, begin by keeping your eyes open and watching how people do things. How do they dress, for example? (YES YES warmly - but otherwise?) You don’t want to stick out too much at first.

Yes, people in small towns tend to be very friendly. Sure, they’re also very curious about strangers - but if you want to belong, just relax, get to know them, and play it slow to begin with.

Answer #5

I’ve done the whole big city to small town thing before and its not bad… (I moved from Paris, Fr. to Cambridge, On.)

but don’t be scared its not a big deal…

the only thing is that it’ll be a lot quieter, and theres not as much to do… but other then that its really chill.

Answer #6

wow..haha I lived in houston most of my life to…I just moved to california and I am moving to siox city…there are only a totall of 200 kids at the high school :/

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