Would you move to Norway after it being voted the number one most prosperous country?

Answer #1

I would move to Norway “despite” that - it’s a beautiful country.

Answer #2

No way mate :-) Australia is just as good as Norway if not better. We have a very multicultural society, people are given a fair go if they are willing to work hard…Australians have the chance to create and generate their own personal wealth for themselves and their families if they want too….So, based on the above, Norway doesn’t look all that attractive, even if everything one touches turns to gold, the answer would still be a firm “NO”.

Answer #3

I’ve wanted to go to Norway for like four years now ;_; But it’s like, the most expensive country to visit/move to. There or Finland.

Answer #4

D= You have giant spiders and poisonous snakes everywhere.

Answer #5

I toured through Denmark, Sweden, and Norway with a band and they were all beautiful and the people were quiet but friendly. I would enjoy living in any of these countries but my favorite was Denmark. Language would be a problem though. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere I don’t speak the native language even though almost everyone I met there there speaks English better than most Americans.

Answer #6

Nope. I would maybe live their for a while just to experience that part of the world, but I don’t think I would like being away from home for too long.

Answer #7

LOL! Have you ever been here? I so, you’re still alive aren’t you? If not, you shouldn’t judge. Samantha and I love the country we live in and personally, i’ve never been in danger due to a spider or snake in my life :)

Answer #8

I’m not judging, I’m going off of what I’ve heard from this Australian girl I met XD I’m not a fan of spiders that I can’t blow over. I’m sure it’s a fine country otherwise, looks nice in photos anyways.

Answer #9

Haha Cassie. Yes we have lots and lots of creepy crawlers, but they are in the outback and city slickers like us don’t see them unless we rough it out. By the way, if anyone is reading this, THERE ARE NO KANGAROOS JUMPING IN THE FRONT OR BACKYARDS OF ANY OF OUR HOUSES.

Answer #10

Oi Gabby, let’s start conversing in our Aussie slangs so they do not understand what we are saying. :-P I would love to act like a dag but was wondering if you are a bogan Gabby? hehe, I doubt you are a bogan but a wag maybe? I’m guess Gabby isn’t short for the Gabby Cricket ground, otherwise you are a WAG. :-)

Answer #11

I’ve been to Norway, and it’s important to point out the country has a very high cost of living. Their value added tax alone is one of the highest in Europe. I pay 19% VAT in Germany, and that’s high enough for me.

Answer #12

Hahahaha i’m not a bogan sorry. I used to live in the bush with the huge spiders, snakes, roos, and drop bears xD but i’ve been in the city too long :(

Answer #13

Me no habla Australian. Do u have Kangaroos jumping in front or the back of any of your houses? :D

Answer #14

haha cassie, i could so see you in norway.

Answer #15

No. They live in the bush and Australia isn’t just bush or desert like in the movies. They are a wild animal and we don’t ride them :)

Answer #16

LMAO. I should have told everyone, Koala bears are domestic pets. :-P Ok, last post from me.

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