What can you recommend when moving countries?

I have found a course in Perth, Australia that I’m interested in. I’m currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand. I’m wanting some feedback on the idea of moving over there for the course. Have you ever moved away on your own? Any suggestions, what I should and should not do when considering a big move like this? I’m just interested in hearing everybody’s opinions, good and bad, on my situation. This will be my first time not living at home, and will be my first time moving far away (I’ve moved house a few times but not far away).

Answer #1

well ok i have no idea, but i would say this. if you never were on your own before, id say try that 1st, stay at “home” but move out of your house. im assuming you are living with your parents still. i think. see how that is. then when you get the hang of it, if you want to make the move go for it.

Answer #2

I’m fine with the actual ‘moving out’ thing and being away from my fam bam, I’m just worried that if I do go through with this, I will forget about something that I need to do/have/take prior to leaving or after touch down etc. Thanks for your advice :)

Answer #3

well good luck with what ever you decide to do :)

Answer #4

Do up a to-do checklist :) and just add to it everytime you think of something you need to pack or do before you fly off. Then on the day before you go to Australia make sure everything on the list has been done.

Answer #5

Thanks guys :DD

Answer #6

huh? first police academy then a mechanic now oversea 2 study. are u for real?

Answer #7

Norway ! . Its not really cold . just like less that 10 degrees celceus in the winter :))

Answer #8

You can’t study AND be a police officer? That’s new.

Answer #9

did u actually read what i wrote? oh never mind

Answer #10

I have to wait before I can go to Police College because I need laser eye surgery which I can’t get until I’m 19 or 20 because my ‘corneas aren’t fully developed’. I can’t just sit around and do nothing until then. I’m a busy person!!!!!!

Answer #11

Beautiful, Renee.,

I would always advise people to try a new place. Even if you hate it, you will love home when you get back! I’d like to move to another country, but just don’t know how to go about getting a job elsewhere. I would like to think the “practicalities,” are the hardest - little things like knowing how to call the operator or shopping in the super-market, a new culture, not knowing how things work, making new friends, not knowing the language, being a minority. The list goes on and on. Things that you think are the same everywhere, but just aren’t. But overall, I think the experience of living and knowing a different country are well worth the hassles. What you have to your advantage is, The younger you are the more flexible and easier to fit in. You need to have a burning passion to move, a positive attitude and be 150% well prepared. If you get the chance to go- go & embrace the moment.. Only surround yourself with likeminded people who are 100% committed to make a success of the move. & want to see that you become successful & safe.. After all, it is a whole different country. Be careful..

Answer #12

Oh, & good luck, happy journey’s…

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