Which foreign country would you recommend most?

For all of you peoples who have been to places NOT in the USA,I NEED your opinions! My questions:Have you ever been to a foreign country,What was it like there,and,if you have been 2 more than one,which would you recommend most?Help,before I die of being in the USA 4 2 long!

Answer #1

I’ve been to 3 foreign countries and in my opinion, couldn’t compare - wouldn’t recommend any other - You are hereby invited to depart the greatest nation ever know to man - where Freedom reigns - the economy soars - the standard of living extremely high - you are definately not ‘Trapped’ - borders are open - as you exit, notice few exiting with you but many, many coming in and millions more wanting to get into the USA.

Answer #2

ROME all the wayyy.

germany suckksss. i hate it here.

but ive been to manymany countries and rome so far is the best.

Answer #3

I’ve been to many foreign countries and in my opinion is that all foreign countries are interesting because they are not only different culturally but beautiful in their own way. I think that if you want to travel you should read about different countries and then choose what destination you’d like to start with (of course planning within your budget might also help to choose your destination!).

One of the recent countries I have been too is Morocco. It’s a very beautiful country that has gorgeous beaches, three mountain ranges and parts of the Shara desert. The people are very kind and generous. The culture is a mixture of their colonial past (Arabic, French, Spanish) and their indigenous Berber culture (more then 40 000 years old). Tourist wise the country has many things to offer: trekking, surfing, camel riding, jeep or motorcycle excursions, etc. The prices are affordable to middle class Americans and though most tourists are either French or German, you also run into quite a few Brits, Canadians and Australians. It’s a country with lots of spices, colors and beautiful art work. On the down side, there is much poverty (which is sad) and it can be difficult traveling as a woman alone (extreme patience is needed!).

For more information about traveling and countries around the world check out this website: www.lonelyplanet.com

Good luck!

Answer #4

I’ve been to 13 countries (my dad is a diplomat) I totaly recommend belarus . its great and vienna is nice. dubai, is greaaat. even tho they’re in the middle east. its totaly safe. they have everything. people are friendly and the places are amazing! bali is great too, its in indonesia, and dont be scared about the bombings. because they’re over those situations.

Answer #5

I’ve been to 4 foreign countries and two of then I like it most. India and Malaysia I advice you to go there. They have nice places, weather and tasty food.

Answer #6

I’ve been all over Europe, Italy, Austria, France, Belgium, Germany. Each country has it beauties and not. If you like art / history, then Italy is a good place. Europe is an old continent, so refresh your history before going there. For example, if you go to Rome, read up on the Roman civilization so you will know what your are looking at when you go the colliseum or the forums. Austria is great for skiing.

Answer #7

go to grecce is b-e-u-t-i-f-ul overther

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