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Pet Adoption Dubai: Adopt a pet and give a homeless pet a new home. Want to adopt pets near you in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE? Join Petterr and let us help you find your new pet family member. Adopt a dog or cat with the help of Petterr.

Find the right place to send your pet when you are away!

One of the most unfortunate things is that our pets can’t accompany us to all the place that we go to. Here comes the job of looking for the perfect pet daycare center in Dubai where you can leave your pet in the best care and environment possible for

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Get Set Grooming your Furry Friends

Ever wondered how lovely your pet can look after a nice grooming session. Well, we know just the right places where you can take your pet out for a soothing spa experience.

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Get the Right Day Care Centres in Dubai With This Guide

Sometimes we have to leave our pets behind at home while we are on a vacation. Or sometimes it is just your immense workload that renders your incapable of taking wholesome care of your pet.

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Delegating Some Tasks To Pet Sitters Can Make Your Life Much Easier

Monitoring and administering the medication needs of your pet is one of the most important tasks which pet owners do not want to hand over to anyone in random. This is the point where the expertise and skill of a professional pet sitter come into the pictu

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