Who would you like to meet off of FunAdvice?

Answer #1

Elmo or hales

Answer #2

TwiddleMuffin or Harley. They seem cool. :)

Answer #3

you, anna, elmo, matt, micheal, dylan, flor. :)

Answer #4

oh and roxanne too :)

Answer #5

Tyler S. And Cowgurl. And Leeks.

Answer #6

imlonely, hayyim and my favorite fairygirl

Answer #7

Evil elmo and harleythecreator.

Answer #8

I would like to meet you to :-)

Answer #9

Oohhh gosh. So many.

Lizzie. Janelle. Mimi. Elmo. Merlin. Tyler S. Micheal. Janice. Hayyim. Samuel. Brandi. Caffeiney. Aleks. Stephen L.

There could be more…but my head is not working today.

Answer #10


Answer #11

and Azza.

Answer #12

Probably the Asian puppy eater Janice, Lizzie and Stefie and maybe someone else. No one would like visiting me because I’d be at work all day.

Answer #13

And hales! No? Okay.

Answer #14

BrokenYouth, Kimmi, AnnaLynn, tammy!

Answer #15

Krista/TwiddleMuffin, Stefie, Elmo.

Answer #16

wow..i would like to meet unsure, brokenyouth, hales, alysacupcakes, mustachemelissa, cacey, hales, hiddenbehind my smile, slashdown…

Answer #17

I’d say Mikeh.

Answer #18

I would like to meet…

Andrew. Lily. Keely. Aleks. Kianna. Lizzie. Emily. Hayyim. Harley. Ryan. Renee.

I think that’s about it :)

Answer #19

And I forgot to add Miguel.

Answer #20

Aww… :3 I promised myself I wasn’t gonna get all mushy wushy… x)

Answer #21

Aw thanks i feel so loved </3

Answer #22

lol those people are the ones I know the best. I wouldn’t want to meet someone I barely know :P

Answer #23


Answer #24

You wanna meet me twice? :p

Answer #25

Me! :)

Answer #26

i gotchya

Answer #27

idk why she wants to meet me O_O

Answer #28

Mackenzie, Cowgurl, Janass (whom I’ve probably already met lol) Kianna and thEsidewayssmile

Answer #29

Uhm. Emily, Merlin, Miggie, Aleks and Ryan.

Answer #30

Awwwwwwh!!! Thanks!!(:

Answer #31

Merlin The, Cowgurl, Aditi, Elmo, Hales, Brandi, Laura, Rachelle, and Keely(:

Answer #32

Thomas, Jay, and Alex(forgot his username)

Answer #33

Thomas, Jay, and Alex(forgot his username)

Answer #34

Who wouldn’t want to meet you?! :) You ARE my wife!

Answer #35


Answer #36

Nobody picked me?! I feel hated. Well, I would meet: Elmo, Tammy, Andy, Mr.BlueDevil, Kayla, Lilly, Hales, Mackenzie, and many more! If I forgot you, put your name under my comment.

Answer #37

I pick you :-)

Answer #38

Ok. A little better now.. I really want to meet you! I really would like too!!

Answer #39

only one person picked me’_’

Answer #40

I pick you too!!

Answer #41

Cool and we could play volleyball together :-) I was good in junior and high school

Answer #42

Babyangel22, TheDude, or Collen Ludgate.

Answer #43

Had practice today! I am dead.

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