What features would you like to see added to FunAdvice?

It’s all about you - the members - and we’d like to get your ideas on how we can make FunAdvice a better site, so, please - share your ideas!

Answer #1

a dislike button??

Answer #2

I can’t think of anything, FA is already amazing haha. But I agree with the person above, a dislike button would be cool :)

Answer #3

We had one before - all it did was allow people to go around “disliking” every post made by someone they didn’t like.

Answer #4

I would like to control what kind of alerts i get on my email. I kind of mentioned this before…

Answer #5

An adroid link. Like this but with a FA sign

Answer #6

Wait idk if this is what Pistol Annies Angel said but it would be nice to have a mobile app.

Answer #7

I’d love to see a link on our profiles which takes us back to questions we’ve participated in, not just asked. The old FA did a great job of that. . I’d love a bona fide search engine on the site. . I’d love proper paragraph breaks to be possible in asking questions, answering questions and making comments.

Answer #8

I agree with paragraph breaks (I was going to say that myself), and the questions, both would be nice additions. I guess the other thing that would a good addtion, although not something that concerns me much is having the ability to approve follows.

Answer #9

just dont let it become FB…

Answer #10

….. as opposed to the much preferable “Like” button that enables them to go round “liking” every post made by someone that they DO like ….. even if it only says “ lol “ or “ :) “ or some equally enlightening observation.

Answer #11

A dislike button; or a way to see who liked what. & a chat thing like Facebook has, that would be chill.

Answer #12

We’re trying to dissuade negative behaviours … “liking” content is a positive thing.

Answer #13

I’d think it would be pretty cool if people could go back to there question or update and tell what they actually did. Or if the advice worked.

Answer #14


Answer #15

I would like to be able to see who liked my status updates & pictures, other than just my questions. I would like better options to control what kinds of email alerts that FunAdvice sends me.

Answer #16

. I would like to see a feature whereby every time I log onto FunAdvice, a large shot of cask strength Laphroaig single malt whisky is dispensed into my glass with a splash of chilled water, freshly extracted from an Islay burn in the immediate vicinity of the distillery. . …… Plus, if someone “likes” one of my answers: a gorgeous sixteen year old blond-haired Scandinavian goddess appears next to me and begins to slake her unbridled lust upon me …. . . . ….. alright, who the hell just threw that bucket of water all over me ? .

Answer #17

Having a “love it!” button XD

Answer #18

An FA app, ability to actually have a profile be private whether through friend requests or whatever. I’d like to be able to see ALL my alerts as well as be able to see who and each time a person replies after me, not just the first time a person replies. I’d also like a better search on this website, it’s actually quite hard to find the question you are looking for using the search. I’d like to be able to see replies to questions or updates to questions I have replied to easier. As well, I’m not really sure if it’s fixed yet, I’d love it if we’d be able to actaully post pictures when asking a question, as well as getting rid of the “thanks for replying” page for status updates, or the interest add posts.

Answer #19

Dislike button c who liked ur status/pics c wen ppl replyto a question u answered, etc

Answer #20

GROUPS BACK!:D And being able to permanently stop people from following you…(or doing a freind thing where you have to ACCEPT!!!!) NO DISLIKE BUTTON! that would make people sad, that’s why I hate the dislike button on YouTube! Getting rid of the “thanks for replying” page for status updates and being able to keep everything private like Janice said. And also having proper paragraph breaks like pinkpearl said!

Answer #21


Answer #22

Being able to review my history of answers to questions rather than just questions Iv’e asked.

Answer #23

Ageeing with this one (:

Answer #24

Oh I’d also like to be able to access my older posts and questions, because I can usually find them searching for them, but they don’t appear anywhere else.

Answer #25

I have a suggestion for the Points system. Don’t display total accrued points. Instead, average the points accumulated through good answers and the like with the duration of membership and the number of removed answers, per account holder. Display the result as a “participation level” meter, like a 1 to 1000 scale, on the member’s home page. I feel too often that people are just contesting for points. Further, a dislike option on answers only would help discourage bad advice and/or maniacs causing excess server traffic.

Answer #26

16 years old. sounds creepy from a 60 years old dude

Answer #27

Groups pages :D.and live chat thing that tells you who’s online,that will make funadvice even more amazing!!

Answer #28

Yeah, it was meant to be. That’s part of what gives it the “cutting edge” that makes it funny to those who are amused and disgusting to those who aren’t amused by it. Almost all humour works that way at some level or other.

Answer #29

Being able to have a alert when someone comments on your comment even if its not your question.

Answer #30

To see who liked your status, pic, or comment.

Answer #31

Yepp we should be able to see who liked our pics and stuff.. N we should also be able to see all our alerts.. There should be chat system or smth which would be awesome.. Other than that, I don’t think FA needs anything else.. It’s just amazing already.. :D

Answer #32

A walrus button….I want a walrus button. And said button will be able to transform stupid or annoying troll updates into funny, idiotic updates….this way, the trolls will find no fun in what they try to do.

Answer #33

What is this, facebook?

Answer #34

Also, maybe an app for iPods or whatever it is people have these days.

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