What if you could actually MEET one person from FunAdvice?

If you could actually meet somebody from here in person, who would it be? I can’t choose one, but for me it’s between Heaven, Miguel or Irene.. I don’t know, they just seem fun..haha ‘mandyloo’ seems pretty cool, too. So who would you meet? We should all have a FunAdvice get together :P

Answer #1

Aw moe! Lol there should be a giant funadvice get together! Although theres so people that creep me out on here that id rather not meet in person.

Answer #2

lol yeah, I didn’t think about the weirdos hahaha =/

Answer #3

Lol yeah it’d be really cool with SOME people.. There are some who I wouldn’t particularly be eager to meet either :L

Answer #4

Yeah! I feel the same way! Talkin to a few people on here makes me feel all :s but others i totally would wanna meet!

Answer #5

Yah but the wirdo’s and the crazy’s are what keep life interesting :D.

Answer #6

Agree with all yas, it would be fun to meet some people, others not so much. Naming names would be awesome, but drama is not needed.

Answer #7

That would be awesome. But the location and money would be my issue…=]

Answer #8

hahha but not the ‘it puts the lotion on it’s skin’ kind of weirdos :P

Answer #9

WHO would I meet? Jeremy’s wife (@dhooni). I’ve never really talked to her or anything like that. I just want to see her in person because right now she’s this giant mystery :) Others I would like to meet would be you Moe, Dara (@editor), Mandy (@mandyloo), Miguel (@hysterical), Lea (@fuji21), Zoe (@zoe_hasaloneyheart), Rachel (@im_his_dork_16) and many many others. I’d say Ericson (@esconsult1), but I talk to him enough outside of FA…haha. I have far too many friends on here though, so I say block party at Heaven’s house! RSVP :-P

Answer #10

for real true dat loll

Answer #11

lol for real

Answer #12

what about ME?

Answer #13

Ah! Sorry, you come into mind in the mornings, when you’re actually around :) Danielle too! And Ryan (@ryanadamevans). He’s one of my monringers

Answer #14

tehe in the morning? This is normally what I do when I am supposed to be sleeping

Answer #15

In my mornings :) I catch you when no one else is on at 4 am my time around here…haha

Answer #16

oooh so thats why its so quiet!

Answer #17

:) Yeppers

Answer #18

Yaaay! I’m rsvp-ing :P

Answer #19

Then I will show up sorta late and everything will get quiet and you hear crickets chirping.

Answer #20

that would be pretty cool cause some people on her i would like to meet

Answer #21

:( burnnnn

Answer #22

Ah! See! I hate having so many friends because I leave people out who aren’t in my top 10 alerts..haha. MacKenzie would TOTALLY be on the list, beyond all reason. So would Stephie (@listen), and Lindsey(@serjimmy), and Sammie (@fruitylicious), and Ben (@imunderurbed), and Jess (@jessika_berry), and Irene (@pwincess_irenemarie)…ugh, do you see my dilemma? :)

Answer #23

haha i was just giving you a bad time :) i know what you mean :)

Answer #24

You’re my homey miss thang. We short lil mamas gotta stick together :) Haha, I just sounded unintentionially ghetto. I’m giving myself an imaginary point for that.

Answer #25

Now it shouldn’t be imaginary haha you so deserve one for that :) gosh i never see people my height my age so it’s exciting that now i’ve met 2 on here haha…doesn’t sound so exciting when i actually write it out tho :(

Answer #26

Lol, excitement is in the eyes of the beholder. Ya, I tweaked that cliche a bit. Sue me :)

Answer #27

how tall are you guys?!

Answer #28

5’2 :)

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