How do meal plans or cafe's work in college?

I'm very Confused about college Meal Plan's and what does Tuition have to do with it?

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Talk to an adviser from the college. They will be able to help you. Part of your tuition goes to meals. So you can eat.

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Basically you sign up and pay for a meal plan. You can have 5 meals a week or 9 meals a week (or whatever else they offer). Basically you can use 1 or 2 meals per day depending on your college....

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College expenses
Tuition - pays to go to classes
Books - eh... books
Lab fees
Room - pays for your room!
Board - pays for your meals

Kahili is right in that meal plans are flexible. For freshmen who live on campus, a full meal plan is probably best. As you get to know how you respond to campus life (how much free time, etc.) you can check out your options. If you commute or live off campus you may not need a plan, or maybe 1 meal a day - lunch.

Hales is right. A advisor would be a good source of info.
Good Luck, and congrats on college!!

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