what martial art should I learn?

I learnt a bit of karate when I was about 8 but then I stopped. Now I’d like to start doing a martial arts. Could any one give me some Ideas?

Answer #1

i like aikido from japan…

Answer #2

Israeli ground fighting. It is absolutely BRUTAL.

Answer #3

Take Tae Kwon Do. It’s not as serious as other martial arts, but that’s why I liked it. You still have to be disciplined and you have to know your stuff to pass your tests, but altogether it’s more fun, in my opinion. I also liked the the focus was on self-defense.

Answer #4

I would recommend Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) - the best “pure” martial art form in combating all other forms effectively in my opinion.

or if you can find a qualified practitioner:

Jeet Kun Do - which combines the best techniques of all the martial art forms, optimized for your own strengths and weaknesses and modified with regard to the apparent strengths and weaknesses of your opponent.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #5

Kung Fu because you have to work hard to earn your grades and you learn lots of things to defend yourself. But that is my personal opinion.

Answer #6

I’d say tae-kwon-do, the thing with it though is it takes years to really get good at it. I was taught by the son of the man who brought tae-kwon-do to america so I got trained significantly harder then the majority of schools will teach. But it has benefited me A LOT in the long run.

Answer #7

i agree with tae kwon do

Answer #8

its definately the chinese gong fu known to u as kung fu…i am in china since last 4 years and am very near to the vetican of kung fu..the shaolin temple…..see a lot many foreigners learning here…it consists of endless techniques….use of many many weapons.and an absolute delight to watch….but the standard to get admission is really very high…not easy to make it…the physical fitness level is too much..u can watch all the warfares online and choose the one which impresses u more

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