Is it good to learn 3 martial arts at once?

i am, and dont find it that hard but is it honestly worth it. I do Pro taekwondo, Jujitsu (japanese not Brazilian) and boxing (not that i would really call it a martial arts xD

Answer #1

Whether or not it’s worth it depends on why youre learning it.

Answer #2

boxing for exersie JJ for self defence and taekwondo (pro) for both…

Answer #3

It depends on the individual. If you feel you can handle doing 3 different types at once and feel you are still learning just as much as if you were focusing on one - then sure. Some people need to focus on thing at a time when learning new hobbies and some people can multi-task…it all depends on what works for you.

Answer #4

It may be a bad idea due to the fact that different martial arts styles have very similar positions. For technicality, it’s not the best thing you could do. But on the other hand, practicing more than one martial art at a time may also just make you stronger.

Answer #5

There should not be an issue with it as long as you can remember the distinctions between the 3. Make sure you do not overdo yourself with classes every night of the week though, as muscles need rest too and you could overtrain if you take on too much.

It could be good in the sense that you will be able to see the differences between the 3 more apparently if you study them alongisde each other. I would try all 3 and then you can perhaps frop one or two based on if yo enjoy them. There is no reason you should not try all 3 disciplines at once.

Answer #6

If its ok with you, and you dint get tired and goes with your squedule, it should be fine.

Answer #7

Go for it, it might be tough initially but your brain and body should adapt to it quite quickly.

Answer #8

the question is not actually if its “good” but more of an “If I take this challenge” type of question…so in reality….If you decide and have planned out or organized your exercise or martial arts training habits….For instance, ask yourself “If I take three martial arts classes, is all the training and all the pain and soreness worth it?”

Answer #9

i recommend one at a time. you would have to remember so many different combos and moves. try brazilian jujitsu if you want a challenge. took me 10 years to get my black belt =)

Answer #10

I love JJ not BJJ the only difference is BJJ involes more ground grappling thant JJ

Answer #11

If you can handle it all.

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