Marking and potty training

We got an 11 month old puppy that we think is a chihuahua and jack rustle terrier mix. (although some people don’t see chihuahua in him) on June 2 named Dexter. We are having some trouble potty training him. He’s starting to sometimes wait by the door when he needs to potty, but often won’t go potty unless we go outside with him. Since we live in Arizona, staying outside with him for 10 minutes every hour in a half isn’t exactly fun. We try putting him outside ourselves and making him go and it’s starting to work to an extent, (however sometimes when he is forced outside he tends to not want to go potty outside for a while but rather inside) but we have another problem. Marking. Now that he’s comfortable, our trainer says, this could be why he is marking. Another reason may be that he and wants to claim his territory or is feeling stressed by our other dog Cinnamon, a border collie mix. She is a very sweet dog, but Dexter and her both like to be dominant, so we don’t know if this is the issue. Our trainer has 3 sessions left with him for a total of five hour in a half long sessions. She recommends taking him to the spot he went, saying NO, and spraying perfume at him. (below his eyes however) I don’t like this technique much as it seems fairly brutal, although I did spray it near his nose going sideways, so he smells it, but it can’t get in his eyes or mouth.

Looking online there’s lots of mixed opinions, any advice to help me with this problem? Should I use the perfume technique like our trainer said? Any help would be appreciated.

Note: I attached a picture of him, and the picture in my profile is a picture of him and our other dog Cinnamon.

Answer #1

Spraying perfume on him IS brutal…Geez…

Nobody every said housebreaking is fun…it’s time intensive, and consuming…however, the good news is…it’s short lived. It’s better to go out with him, so you KNOW he’s gone pee…if you say “go peepee” over and over…and then he finally does go pee, reward him like he’s the best thing since sliced bread…It won’t take very long before he’ll go on command.

Keep in mind…unlike a tiny puppy…who is a blank slate, and has no bad habits…this boy does have a bad habit…it takes longer to break a bad habit and instill a new one, that it does to teach a blank slate. I figure it takes two weeks to housetrain a new pup…30 days to be able to trust a dog who has developed a bad habit…Another thing…if you catch him BEFORE he goes, the bad habit goes away faster…everytime he manages to go in the house, it becomes a two steps forward, a step backwards…


Answer #2

I have three Chihuahua’s. It takes up to a year and a half for their bladders to completely develope so you need to be patient with the little fellow. Make sure he goes out often.

#1 don’t use the purfunme…use a water bottle, and a command word when you take him outside like potty. #2 In a pack females are usually alpha…he is trying to gain position over your other dog. Make it clear to both of them that you are alpha of the household. This doesn’t mean that you have to be mean to them but firm. #3 there is always a pecking order. You are Alpha, then Whomever you had in the house first gets your attention first when you come in the door. It only has to be brief but it has to be them first. I hope this was helpful to you. Good luck.

Answer #3

I would use a spray bottle with water. as you squirt say NO! then put him outside. If you leave him out long enough, he will go. I know Arizona is hot, so leave a huge bowl of water and make sure he has shade. Providing your yard is fenced in, of course.

Answer #4

When I say he will pee on command…I mean right now, instead of having to wait him out…he will learn this…I promise. 10 minutes is actually a pretty short wait…100 degrees is hot and uncomfortable…but certainly doable for 10 minutes…even 20 minutes. My dog was housetrained in January, in Montana…for 10 days, it was 22 below zero, and the wind was blowing…that’s pretty uncomfortable, too…It’s just one of those things that have to be done…and when you look back on it, it won’t seem so painful.


PS…you did good, on saying no to the perfume…everytime I think of that, I wonder where this trainer came from??

Answer #5

With the marking, that is bad, he is being dominant, he is in charge of you and by marking everything, he is telling you that he is in charge and he now own the house.

Dominance can lead to agression.

Do you have SKY? Because if you do I recommend you watch ‘The Dog Whisperer’ By Cesar Milan on Three at 6 O’clock.

He will teach you everything!!!

All the best!!!

Answer #6

Phrannie, I know that I can teach him to go on command, (and I SORT OF can already) but when im 20, I don’t want to be having to take him out in 100 degrees, say go potty, and be waiting 10 minutes for him to go potty. We need him to wait by the door and go on is own, and I asked this question in hopes of finding a way to teach him to do that. I’ll try dawnathen’s advice of a spray bottle and see. Hope all goes well!

Also: What he has been doing for the past two days or so is pawing to go in the front yard. Then he often goes potty there. The problem is, I HAVE to go with him into the front yard in case of cars or him getting lost. I’m going to try and take him to the back yard next time he scratches at the front door.


Answer #7

Spraying perfume??? where did you find this trainer??? perfume has a high alcohol content and the atomizer attaced to a perfume bottle sprays the mist over a large misting area also perfumes contain oil that cause it to adhere to the skin, causing the scent to last for hours. That is cruel. It is like phrannie stated. It is a major process but doesn’t last forever. Phrannie’s way is how I have always done it and it WORKS. It is not your dog’s fault that he needs to urinate, so don’t treat it as such. He needs to be housetrained, just as you did when you were young. What if your parents said that it was just too much to stay in the bathroom with you while you learned. and instead sprayed you with a potentially harmful substance so that you would “learn”?

Answer #8

I know, what was up with that trainer? and your pup is very cute!

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