Lot's of questions about drug legalization,so why no protests ?

If the on-line community represents the general public (a bad assumption I’m sure), why are there not widespread protests to decriminalize drugs?

Is it because people don’t really care? Is it because they are afraid? Is it because they feel powerless and that it would be a waste of time?

Is it because they are high …yet trying to beat their personal best scores on rockstar nonetheless?

Answer #1

I think that people for the most part… still equate the mainstream media and the nightly news with reality. People are creatures of habit… you can lay the facts before them in perfect order without one crucial detail unaccounted for… and they will still wait until upon hearing whichever talking head their r-complex brain has determined trustworthy before they believe. I’ve had friends come back with revolutionary news for me… that I told them of weeks or months earlier… having gotten mine from a website… when I related the news to them it went in one ear and out the other.

I find this the most frustrating… people paying me lip service and never really listening to me. For whatever reason… they categorize the rest of us subordinate when it comes to giving accounts of the news. The trend is falling… but not enough for one to discount the effect of the mainstream media.

The media has been the publisher of our reality for far too long… they replay over and over the current events we are to rally behind or to demonize… they blackout those events that would threaten the banking/media cartel’s hegemony. By their manipulation… there was no Tea Parties in April or July… there is no bill in congress to audit the Federal Reserve… People are apathetic when it comes to the criminalization of drugs… because people standing up for themselves and casting off the mantle of control is not in the mainstream medias best interest.

Answer #2

Heh. If I lived closer to DC I’d be happy to join a protest. But, I’m more a follower than leader, so don’t expect me to organize anything.

Answer #3

Bottom line is you could protest all you want. Drug legality will never happen. Theres too much money to be made from it in its current state..illegal. Everyone profits. Lawyers,police,congress,jails,criminals…everyone.Why would they ever want to?

Answer #4

Hmmm. Good question, toad. You wanna go cause a ruckus on capitol hill with me? I’m up for it. :)

Answer #5

its because im high…

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