Do you think a lot of members will leave the site now that there are no cash for points?

Answer #1

Maybe, i think that the members who were here before there was cash offered will stay maybe the ones who joined for that reason will leave I think for sure that the people who answered every question (even just to say they didnt know and inserted a witty remark to get points) will start answering less and less now that there is no insentive.

Answer #2

only the dingbats

Answer #3

It sounds as if some people will leave it because of the change in cash for points policy.

I recently joined this site, and am really enjoying it. I’m sure other people will find FunAdvice too, and replace the ones who have left. With the change in policy they’ll probably be people who actually have questions, or want to help by answering other member’s questions. :)

Answer #4

yeah i think so. because it is kinda weird having a point system that means nothing. like not necessarily points for cash, but if the point are not going to go for anything, everything should be down to 1 point. and all. how tos not worth points, answers not worth 7 points. everything down to 1 single point.

Answer #5

Unless they’re working on a non-cash incentive program?

Answer #6

I don’t know really, I joined and I didn’t really care about cashing in points I just thought it was an added bonus for helping

Answer #7

Any members that leave because of that weren’t worth having in the first place.

Answer #8

People come and go from sites all the time, I said earlier that I didn’t care about the cash, because the points had previously existed anyway, and I’ve never been bothered about those either, so for me it’s not an issue. You either want to be part of a site or you don’t.

Answer #9

Why would How To’s not be worth points? Maybe the points can just stay around to show your value as a member? How To’s aren’t the easiest thing to do, they take time and effort from a lot of people, they’re definitely worth points. I don’t understand your logic here.

Answer #10

it is very simple. if there is no reward system for points then there is no point in gaining so many points. so everything should be changed. how to’s if anything should be 1 point like i said before with everything else. its simple, no rewards no point in having so many points. if the points system stays it would just be stupid. seeing one question worth more than the next. just is stupid with no reward system in place. basically the point system becomes useless without a reward system.

Answer #11

I don’t plan on leaving the site and will still continue to answer questions the best I can, but I will not be writing any more How Tos as I did that for the money. Sadly, I can’t afford to work for free. : (

Answer #12

So you can just ignore the point system then. I don’t see what your complaint is. Some people might like some kind of measurement of what they’ve contributed to the site, so they will still like the idea of having points, and it won’t be as bad as having people obsess over them because they’re worth money; it’s more casual. And my opinion on the How To’s stays the same. They are definitely worth more than one point.

Answer #13

No not really. I don’t think people really knew that you could get money from this site. And if the only reason they joined was becuase of the money, it’s better off if they don’t be apart of the site anyway. People come and go as they please, doesn’t bother me…

Answer #14

The adsense revenue sharing will not be going away, fwiw. I know you contributed a lot of howtos.

Answer #15

of course it does. you only see one point, because you think you are always right, which is really funny, because you rarely are ever right. oh and having a ton of points just means people need to stop being on a computer so much, just shows the laziness of people.

Answer #16

Now you aren’t even saying anything pertaining to what I originally brought up, you’re making personal attacks, which I want no part of. Thanks.

Answer #17


Answer #18

of course it does. i was stating you cant accept the fact that members are mad about the events that have happened. you dont want to realize oh that there is another point of view, not just one view from one girl. look around the site the past 2 days, see how many people are mad about the b.itch slap FA gave to all of its members, not the new members but the ones who have came here for months and years.

Answer #19

I agree totally, we shud have been atleast warned it were gonna happen

Answer #20

exactly. which is why i will bet members will leave. FA b.itch slapped us all in our faces. i cashed out over 3 weeks ago, still no check. i doubt ill get one too.

Answer #21

I can accept that members are mad, no you didn’t say that, your last post was strictly slander. You think I can’t see other points of views? I can. I’m stating my side in contrast to yours. I don’t see this as a bitch slap, think of how much money FA would have lost letting every single member cash out. Notice they’ve had to do things like put up ads lately? Did you ever stop to think that maybe that means they aren’t doing so well cash wise? Combine that with people trying to cheat the points for cash system and I find what they did completely reasonable. That’s my side.

Answer #22

Also, they’ve already stated that people who have cashed out prior to the change will get their money.

Answer #23

Same here, been about 3 wks ago I cashed out :-( and now I hear we have to wait till the check pts, I don’t mind about not gettin money but they cud have atleast said it was gonna stop, not just up and do it and have a lot of people mad, most people r fine if they know wats goin on, instead just up and change it without notice

Answer #24

Since as long as I have been here which is about 6 months

Answer #25

shoot i didnt even know they did that in the first place…silly me

Answer #26

lol as if the pay out from this site was big enough to pay ur debts come off move along peeps

Answer #27

I don’t know much about what happened with the points and cashing out right now, but when I first joined this site almost 3 years ago we never had anything cash wise and I still wanted to be here. I enjoy giving advice. The cash is cool, but that shouldn’t be the only reason we’re here.. If people leave, I guess there isn’t much we can do about it.

Answer #28

Well, one of the website executives, (don’t remember which one) said that there will be a newer method to make money coming soon, probably to reduce the amount. This massive leaving may seem like the people weren’t worth being here, but it’s really talking about the top contributors. It’s completely understandable (to me) to see why someone would leave, especially if they were saving over a hundred dollars in points. Having that lost, it seems extremely frustrating. I’m not even speaking from my own experiences, just off of feeling this.

Answer #29

there was cash for points????

Answer #30

Mmmmm hmmmm up until yesturday

Answer #31

I joined this site about two years ago after i stumbled across an interesting question in a google search. I don’t remember the cash for points or even the points system existed back then. I just had a look at the site occasionally and enjoyed meeting people from all over the world.

At the end of last year I started coming on more regularly. And then suddenly my points went over 100 and It said they are worth money. And I was like: “????WTF???”. I never understood how FA could possibly gain enough money to cash out people as it’s not taking any money. there are some ads, OKay, but every site needs those to pay for server load and network traffic and stuff. I also never understood how they could make sure that a single person will not have several accounts and give points to himself/herself. I mean All you need is a several different free web-mail addresses.

But I still came on regularly, because I like the people here. We have a nice, widespread community here with people from all parts of the world. And we get to really, really interesting discussions sometimes.

So I never thought about cashing out points. I just wondered why this cash for points system was working at all. Well it seems it didn’t last long. :-/ I think that the site will not loose much if some of the people who came only for cash will go away.

Answer #32

omg iv been here for like 2 years! yes i am very mad!

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