Why does it seem that the object of this site is to get as many friends and you can on this site, so you can get points for some very dumb answers?

I love to go back through the question and answer series on here, but then I look at a answer that does not fit the question, they where asking about one product, and someone else refereed to a different product and they got points for it.

Answer #1

Well, that’s not the “object” of this site, but unfortunately, there are some people who play that game. In the end, we can’t very well tell people what they are and are not allowed to like…what might be a stupid answer to you and me, could be considered clever to someone else.

Answer #2

This site is here so people can give advice and answer questions. Some people may give really great advice, others may not. I don’t care about making friends. It would be nice to have some friends, but it’s just not that important to me. I have noticed a few people that give bad advice in my opinion.

Answer #3

I’ve noticed that happening a bit, but the truth is anytime you have a site like this where members are choosing to like answers its going to be a bit about popularity. I dont think it neccasarily means members are trying to make the most friends to gain that (maybe they are, what do i know), but for the most part i see that alot of the members whose answers get liked are members that have been on the site for quite some time. I have over 900 followers last time i checked, i dont ask people to follow me and i rarely follow other people. The friends i do have on the site i have made over the years of being on here by answering questions and even debating with them. I personally will like the answer that i most agree with myself, regardless of who posted it. The fact is though, alot of times that is a person that im friends with on the site because i agree with their views and they answer things in an educated manor.

Answer #4

I can’t say I have ever seen it like that…..

Answer #5

Well at least it’s not to the point where people have status updates bragging about how many followers or points they have….right? o_O

Answer #6

And your point being….? I didn’t come here for the points, but to hang out with “the gang”.

Answer #7

I agree Chris a lot of people answer questions when they have no clue about the answers they just do it for points. People need to realise they don’t have to answer every single question there is.

Answer #8

Considering points vary so much because of cashing out - that’s not an issue…it’s more likely because they want to make more money

Answer #9

If it’s a bad answer, hit “report abuse”…we remove it, warn the member and then if they keep it up, ban the account.

Same with bad questions…or bad howtos…etc, etc.

We’ve done this since we started, and had the EXACT complaint you have right now, ever since we started. Anytime it’s the general public doing someting, you get good - and bad.

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