Who else has really learned a lot from this site?

I have learned so much from being a member of this site. I really appreciate everyone that works so hard on it, and all the members that ask so many great questions. People ask questions that I had never even thought about…or was scared to ask myself when I was younger. I find myself reading answers to questions that I didn’t even know I was interested in. I know my IQ must have gone up a few points the last few months. :)

One of the other things I’ve learned from my new friends “across the pond” is their sayings. Like “fancy” (I really fancy this guy…) It sounds so cool. And “Mum”…it’s so cute when people call their mom “mum”. I’m going to try that on my “mum” really soon. :) Oh, and even today I learned the difference between a “Wanker” and a “Wankster”…LOL…too funny.

I just wanted to thank everyone that asks questions so much for all that you’ve taught me recently. Here I am, the teacher, and I am learnin’ things from y’all. :)


Answer #1

Definately agree, I’ve learned a lot here in a lot of different areas - glad to say for the most part positive.

Answer #2

It’s quite cheeky of a slag like you to say you like the way limeys talk, innit?

Answer #3

Alrighty then…somehow this thread got off track. I just wanted to let everyone know I’ve learned a lot and I appreciate it. This site can be quite addictive.


Answer #4

Well, with a little help from another member, I found out what a “slag” is…not sure I am happy to have learned that word. lol.

Answer #5

A slag…hm…looks like I’m fixin’ to learn something else new…why do I have the distinct feeling that it’s not a compliment? lol.

Actually I was saying I liked the sayings…but oh well, you can’t please everyone.

Answer #6

Yeah I’ve learned so much to and it’s great because people are actually interested in intelligent conversations here and not just the usual boring things. I also really like how it’s all different ages rather than just teenagers because you get different prepectives from older and wiser people who know and have experinced what your going through. Yeah I do agree on how many different people are on here like from the states and canada and the uk. This is one of my favorite places to come online and most of the times people are really nice and understanding

Answer #7

I have learned a whole lot from this site and people have helped me out a whole lot! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!
XOXO Jayliza

Answer #8

Yeah…um…No, I wouldn’t go that far. :)

Answer #9

This site made me realize that people can’t help themselves, and everyone should give up on the human race in its entirety. :D

Answer #10

It was a glitch or something, I had already emailed the editor to fix it, and she did. But thanks for pointing it out. :P

Answer #11

yeah I’ve learned so many things off this sight and I’ve only been a member since december

Answer #12

Alright, how about this, you’re quite a nice bird. your bristols qualify you to be a top notch page three girl.

Answer #13

you posted this question 3 times.

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