How to lose inches around my waist?

well I want to lose a few inches around my wait and ribcage, got some back fat going on, but I don’t have a lot of time to work out. what are some of the most effective exercises that a I can do 3-4times a week for maybe 20 min a day?

Answer #1

crunches, and def. a healthy eating diet… but please, dont get dramatic, and go nichole richie on us.. :] good luck! funmail for any questions!

Answer #2

k ionno if this will work for anyone else but I personally hate excersising. so for years I would hula hoop while watching tv. it helped me keep very trim and its a lot of fun.

Answer #3

try doing some situps and eating healthy. also run in place while watching tv and/or do some leg lifts =]

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