How long will it take to lose a stone and a half?

hey :) I want to lose weight, im 15 onli 5ft 2 (( guessing )) && ii weigh just over 10st I want to lose some weight hopefully go down to 9 st maybe bit less if it is possible. How long realisticly will it take to lose a stone and a half && How do I do it ?!?!?! thanks for the help :) xxx

Answer #1

1st off you look very healthy as you r…

go on a tried and tested real diet like a diabetic diet

or the classic of a bowl of cereal for breakfast & dinner then a healthy summet for tea

potatoes, meat (skinless chicken breast) and plenty of veg…

if you get peckish inbetween eat fruit, not sweets and stuff

shouldnt take long as long as you exercise well too

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