How long does it take to lose weight on Topamax?

how long will it take to loose weight ON TOPAMAX????

Answer #1

ok topamax is not just used for weight is a mood stableizer..helps with seizers.. does all kinds of things..the way it helps you lose weight is that it decreases your about the fist two or three weeks you will notice you are not eating as much as all depends on the dosage..if you are taking a high one you have to be careful because it will mess your entire stomach up..make you sick..keep it on the dosage the doctor perscribed you..if you are taking them illagly then the effects can be consaquentle..this is not a every day drug the doctors perscribe..but all in all..two to three is not ment to burn fat in any way if thats what you are thinking..stay safe..

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