When is a good time to have kids?

when is a good time to have kids

Answer #1

Plan: education - ring - date - marriage - established and financially stable - baby…Merry Christmas !!

Answer #2

Aloha ladiecharming,


age does not matter as much to me as being ready for one does..I mean a girl can have a child at 13years old but that does not mean that you should have one at that age…

It is more of a matter of when you are ready to have one and not just you but your partner as well..I do not suject having childern out of Web-lock simply for the childs sake..childern learn so much from their parent and for a childs mental health and to set a good example I think people should be married and living together and that both parents need to be involved witht he child and their lives and rasing them together it is very inportant and gives a child a foundation of knowing where they come from that they are loved by both parents and that their parents love eachorther and so had them due to that ( type of thing is this making since?) It also helps them learn how to develope possitive and healthy relationships and causes them to feel wantted witch is important too.

Another thing to really consider in having childern is they cost a lot..you are no longer taking care of just your self..or suportting you and your partner you add an entire other person to the picture..sadly money is going to be an issue…and they are not cheap…on top of money you are going to need mostly to cut back working to stay home and take care of the child and with less hours at work you will be bringing in less money for at least the first fives years of that childs life (till they get to school if you decide not to do HOME SCHOOLING) even with the kid in schoo unless you are going to do sme day care thing of whatever you ahve to be home when that kid gets there…plus dont forget all the school events you should go too.

having a child is a huge commitment and one I believe that people really don’t look into and take way to lightly.

There are some things in your life that you should take into consideration before haivng a child your own education being one…I would say go to Cellege and at the least get a BA. in some thing…don’t just get your Liberals done go for a Ba if not a masters. Education is so important and I can not stress it as much as I should be…with a higher education you willb e abelt o suport the childern and your self and your partner ( well together you two will be able to)

Next do everything you want to do in life before you have childern because there are a lot of things you will not be able to do once you have them.

Once you are all settled then I would say it be a good time..I am seventeen years old and not planning on having kids till I am 27years old at the earliest..I am not to sure depends on school I want to get a ph.D in Psychology… and that takes a while I have decided once I get my Masters though I may consider childern only if am married and it is possible and we both are ready..I have it worked out where I could go to school and still have a child once I get the masters. I would say make a plan…set some gouls of where you want to be in life at what age..and just what it is that you are wantting out of life..and then take the steps to get there. Don’t just have childern though that is not a good idea..might seem like it at first but when you really get there or if you simply think about it with out being prepared it is not.

Good Luck

Dark wolf

Answer #3

I think you should have children young (but not too young like15/26) because you are more active and energetic when you are young. Also it means that you could be a grandparent at a younger age so you cant get more involved in things like sports day. my mums 37 and she has a 2 year old grandson and shes happy that she had us (me, my 2 brothers and sister) young.

Answer #4

When you have $20,000 in the bank, own your a home, car. A one of the ‘to be’ parents has a job.

Answer #5

I mean you really can’t give an exact age (over 18)but my personal opinion would be after you turn 23-24and your out of college,got a permant Job(a good job)and yes you find a man that you want 2 spend the rest of your life with and you guys get married thats the right way

Answer #6

to me personally I think it when you have a good job, a good patner who’s going to be there for you at all times…but some people would say 27-31

Answer #7

Like a previous post said, unless youre a millionare who is married, there really is no “perfect time” for a baby. Just do it when you feel you can comfotrably feed, clothe, and care for the child. However, I would say avoid having children after the age of 34, since it had been proven that the risk of a child having some form of mental retardation doubles at the age of 35

Answer #8

Well, I think it’s hard to actually “plan” the correct and perfect time to have a kid. If it was a perfect world a good time to have a child is when you are married, secure, happy, ready and financially stable. But life does not always work out that way. I think that a married couple could wait forever if they waited for the perfect time to have a kid, most people are probably never financially stable to have a kid, but they do anyways. Whatever happens, happens, right?! Just as long as the kids are loved, warm, and fed, that’s all that pretty much matters!

Answer #9

when your married.

Answer #10

I say 24-25

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