What time is a good bedtime for kids?

What time do you think is appropriate for school-age kids?

Answer #1

whatever time ensures they get a good 8 hours rest.

Answer #2

well here is what I think 5-7 years go to bed about 8 : 30. 8 year olds - 9 9 year olds- 9 30 10 year olds - about 10 o’clock 11 and over 11:00

Answer #3

well it depends how old they are if they are 1-5 then around 7:00pm if they are 5-10 then around 8:30 pm if they are 11-15 then around 10:00pm if they are 16-18 then till midnight

Answer #4

well i was a foster parent for 2 years and in that 2 years i had 18 different children in my home and the younger ones like infants to about three i always had in bed by 7 they were usually asleep by 7:30 after that i put the ages 3 to about 6 years old to bed at 8:15 that way the younger children were already asleep and you could spend time with the older ones. i think from ages 7 to about middle school 9:00 is good and then higher it depends on how they react with how many hours of sleep they get!!

I hope this helps!

Answer #5

generally kids need 8 to 10 hours of sleep. So count back from the time they wake up in the morning and you will get their bedtime

Answer #6

oh my god , is it just me or are the times really late , 11 o clock for 11 years olds to me is just wrong, I uld say. 5-7 is 7:30 8-10 about 8:30 10-12 year old-9 o clock-9:30 and older a time above that.

Answer #7

Wow some of these bedtimes are incredibly liberal. I am not condemning that because what works for one family may not work for another. We have three kids aged 10,7, and 5 and under and they are all in by 8pm at the latest. Its not unusual for the two youngest to be in bed by 7pm. But as I said its up to individual families to choose.

Answer #8

I believe it depends on the age and responsibility level of the child. My daughter went to bed at 8 pm until she was in 2nd grade, then it became 8:30. (due to our schedule) In 4th grade it was changed to 9, and now that she is in jr high, she consistantly goes to bed at 9:30, no questions asked. If we ever felt she wasn’t getting up on time in the morning, or she felt overly tired during the day, we would have adjusted it, but the schedule worked for all of us. She is able to stay focused and get great grades at school. I coach the cheer squad, and can really tell the difference in those kids who do not have a consistant bedtime.

Answer #9

I put all my kids to bed by 8 on the weekdays and 9 on the weeknights. It takes them a while to fall asleep. I also took out their TVs but bought them radios to listen to. I think that bedtime should increase when they change schools. so elemantary deffinetly 8 middle school 9 and high school 10. but I think that 11 is too late. But by high school they make their own bedtime exspecially if they work.

Answer #10

I’m in 10th grade and my mom puts me to bed at 9:00!!!!!!!! I hate it but if I don’t do that, she steals my x-box in my sleep and hides it! Don’t be that unfair, just be reasonable depending on age, but NEVER listen to your husband!

Answer #11

if ur child is 9 or younger they should go to bed between 7-8:30 or like 10 and up should be like 8-9:30 or for like they high schooler and 7th and 8th grade should be like 9-10 or 11

Answer #12

I think that the right time for kids to go to bed, is usually at 8 or 9 o clock but it depends how the child wakes up in the morning, if he/she doesn’t wake up at the time you put them to bed that night then go a halfanhour earllier=]

Answer #13

I start bedtime at 8:30 - 8:45 and buy the time we do teeth brushing and prayers and the whole 9 yards it is around 9:30 then I am sure they take a few min to knock off but that is what happens around our house.

Answer #14


Answer #15

Dear kkssbbmm123, We know children need a good 10-12 hours of sleep to ensure good health. Because of or busy lifestyles sometimes it seems hard to have this happen. Also as children get older they tend to say well…johnny or Suzie gets to stay up later and in the summer it’s lighter longer making it difficult to sleep. But it’s 10-12 hours. We all see our teens as lazy at times for sleeping 12 hours or even 15 on the weekends. It isn’t because they are lazy indeed the body needs these hours to ensure good health. Some wonderful research as been out for the last few years and had opened our eyes to how the body works and why our teens and pre-teens need a lot of sleep. Sue…good luck

Answer #16

It depends on what age. 10 and under should be in bed by 10pm. And over 10 they should be in bed by 11 - except for special occasions. At least that was the rules in my house.

Answer #17

well it depends on what age tbh but..

10 and under - 8 - 9 pm 11 and 14 - 9 - 10 pm 14 + 10 - 12 pm

ii no that might seem strict but they need beuty sleep ( ; ii am 13 and ii used to get abt 11 ish but now ii go to bed abt 10 cus ii coudlnt get upin the mornings and ii was so moody .!.!.!.!.!.


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