Does anyone know a link to a website that has freebie ear plugs please? I really need some ASAP.

Answer #1

I doubt companies will give out free stuff without consumers needing to buy stuff off them, otherwise how can these businesses survive….Your best bet would be to join any competitions you see online or instore…OR… purchase something from a shop and keep your eyes open for discounted ear plugs, eg: if you purchase X, you get a pair of headset for this amount of money etc…OR…. go to these cheap electronic shops, but the quality of these ear plugs wouldn’t be that great……Nothing in this world is free unfortunately, be careful if they give you good ear plugs without you needing to pay for them, most things which are too good to be true are usually scams.

Answer #2

OK thanks :) I don’t normally get free stuff, but I need some earplugs as soon as possible. A while ago some companies were giving out free earplugs, so I thought that there might be some more. It’s OK,I’ll just go buy some - I’m not tight :D

Answer #3

Tylenol PM was giving promotional packs through the mail that had a sleep mask, ear plugs and coupons, but I believe that is over.

If you are going to buy plugs, I recommend HEAR-O brand soft foam plugs. I use them every night for sleeping. They have a ladies size (in bright pink) that are slightly smaller and a more comfortable fit for anyone with smaller ear canals - like me. I get them at Wal-Mart in the pharmacy section. About $4 for 6 pair and the package has a small plastic container in which you can store one pair. Good Luck

Answer #4

OK thanks :D

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