I do not know what to do!!

I think about the future constantly and everything makes me sad. When I think about the world and how sad it is, I will just go on crying which is so dumb! First of all I have a pretty good life. I can’t explain it but when ever I think of the sadness I get sad like really sad and I want to die. I really want to stop this nonsence, it has gone on far too long!

Answer #1

You may be describing chronic anxiety or depression. I think you should talk to your doctor or a counselor about your feelings. You may need some help to break the cycle of sadness you’re experiencing. It may take only talking with someone or you may need medication. You can feel better. Please talk to some knowledgeable person.

Answer #2

this is an issue for the government and the environmentalists and so you should become one one day. that may help. so you might think that you should have to deal with this but its not your job. so don’t feel bad the best thing that you can do is go green.


Answer #3

okay. You shouldn’t worry about crying, because sometimes it just feels good to get all of your worries out of your system. Don’t say that you want to die, because that makes it harder. If you want to stop somebody, I would reccomend you finding somebody that you can really trust, so you can tell that your problems. If you find the right person, then they will be able to make you feel better, causing the problems that you currently have to go away. I hope this helps.


Answer #4

The future should not make you sad. Your future is what you make of it. There is no reason to be sad about it. It is what you want it to be.

Answer #5

focus on the now not the tomorrow if it saddends you. Take care

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