Do you believe in life after death?

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I have my own belief system which is why members of my church keep a close eye on who I fratenize with. I do believe in God and all the miracles he has and continues to do, and I believe in the Universal energy, and Karma as well. I do think that we(our spirit/energy) may continue on to another life, however until that info is verified I wont sign on it :). But I do not think that this is it, one lifetime simply isn't enough time to learn what we need to know.

I am not sure if the idea of always living on is regarding memories or reincarnation or of course eternal life. I simply live according to the universal law of love and attraction and that good things can be brought into our lives by mere thought, and that fear is the dark controlling factor that creates doubt, to treat others as you would like to be treated, and to love all of God's or the Universal creations. Nice quesiton!

Oh but as for our physical vessel, yes it dies, and as someone so eloquently mentioned earlier it rots, this is scientifically true as well. but our physical vessel is only temporary and well, when I am 90 something in my house in Santa Monica with my new husband of 25, well certainly a new vessel will be greatly appreciated! HAHA :)

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Dear preppyinpink,
I really hope so. Since we are made of energy and energy does not die we shall return. I've been around long enough to hear many different scenarios on this topic. So I choose to think that we will return in part as another persons memory.
Sue...good luck

life after death

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We are apart of the universe, we are made of the same things that make up all that surrounds us. Our energy or life force is apart of the universe and always will be. While we are alive we experience physical life when we die we will experience another form of life, it just won't be in our current physical state...thats my opinion.

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hmm depending on how you live your life...I think you can either have Everlasting Life with The his paradise...which is Heaven...or be cast into the Lake of suffer for all eternity... but its your choice and im sure most would choose heaven over hell...
God Bless...

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This is a tough question... I believe in God, but I still don't know for sure what is waiting for us all after death. I mean... what do we just lye in the ground forever? Or is there something else waiting for us?

Well, nobody knows for sure.

Remembering after death...
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Yea, I believe that we will live eternally in God's pallace, which is heaven, but only if you're right with God, and you trust him! If not, then you will still live on, but in hell with Satin!

Is there an after life ...if so what?

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I hate questions like these because the tic me off to the highest level.
I am a Christian, and I DO believe that when we die we will be born again in the eyes of the father.

I know that when we die, naturally the bugs will eat our flesh, BUT they do not eat our soul.

When we die we will either, go to heaven and live our "afterlife" with the father, or we will go to hell and spend eternity suffering at the hands of the Devil.

Anyway that is my belief and to all others that wish to believe otherwise, just wait and see what happens to you all when you die.

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all living things die.
its a fact.
anddd many people think that humans are the only ones that would have something after they die.
what the f*** is that.
if you think that we will have life after death then you must think that little bug you squished with your shoe the other day will too.
But you dont.
anddd well. humans are just creatures too. yes, we are more advanced than a lot of creatures, but we are still just like anything else. What makes you think we're any different?
At our funerals, we get put into the ground. our body is dead. we are dead. our thoughts stop. everything is done. the bugs eat us and we decinigrate.
sorrry. buttt that's all there is to it.
you live, then you die.
so live an amazing life. because it's the only one you've got.

Life after death

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no I believe we just rot in the ground when we die and we are just not there anymore

How long is life after death?
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I believe that I'll find out when I die. Until then, I don't really have a need to ponder it...

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Nope. We die. That's all folks.

It sucks but we die. It's the one thing that's certain in life.

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No, not really. But I believe that we continue to live on in the thoughts of others.

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yea, it may be hard to accept, but there is nothing.

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I beleive we're born again

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yes I believe that we will live after death

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Haha that's weird I thought that before too, like we will be a whole other perosn but we will never remember being alive before, but I just thought that.

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Yeah. I keep on thinking when we die we'll have our brainwashed and then we're born again in different bodies. I think.

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