Life after death?

do you believe in life after death?

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I don't believe in life after death. Death is the permanent final end of life.

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once your dead your dead and its a sad truth people cant cope with so they make up religion now im not contradicting anyones beleafs these are mine and everyones entitled to their own

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Yeah... I believe in that...

I'm no old man... but I am old enough to know the limitations of my own mind...

We don't know what we know...

The more I learn... the less I know... the less I know... the wiser I become

I think that wisdom beckons us to stay the tongue... wild rapid streams bloviate chaotically and the silent waters gather from their tributaries... ever deeper.

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yes..people don't understand how strong the human mind soul and body can be...we're to strong to just die off and then still not live!!

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no there would be proof its all in the mind I have had many paranormaal things its all to do with the powerful mind dont let it fool you like it fooled me

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Yes. I would have no reason to be the person I am if I believed there wasn't. Plus, I honestly can't imagine just completely ceasing. Just a momentary thought on the matter is depressing.

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I know that death is not the end. There is definately something afterwards, I did aseance once with 2 mates and one their cousins. Me and the cousin(I forget her name, it was like 11 or 12 years ago now) had never done a seance before But Rhys and Danielle had. So when the glass was moving I thought it was one of them moving it, so I asked questions that they didn't know answers to and the spirit was able to answer them, I was a bit weirded out and then spirit eventually asked Rhys and Danielle to leave and it was just me and the cousin. From that point on I knew it was real, and that something exists after life.

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Jesus promises us eternal life, if we accept him into our hearts, and live for him.

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Life after death is merely a feel-good story, made up by man to stop people from being so terrified of dying. As humans, we're self absorbed creatures, and plenty of us can't fathom the idea of just ceasing to exist. But the reality is, if you cease to exist, that's it. You won't feel anything, think anything... you'll just be gone.

The idea of a soul is mere poeticism- too many people feel that the complex bio-mechanics which enable us to exist, think, and breathe aren't enough. I guess reality just doesn't impress them enough, so they feel the need to invent something 'magical'.

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I would usually agree that is was just a made up story to ease men so they would not fear death, but I've my experiences with some "paranormal" events that just cannot be explained in which sculpted my view.
I do believe in something after we die, reincarnation, but I still fear death. I fear that I wont know what I do now, know the same people, it is frightening to think that you may loose everything you have in the next life & have to start all over, so really it's does me no ease.

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