How old were you when you got your license?

And was the road test hard? just wonderin…

Answer #1

Technically, I was driving at 16, but I got my U.S. license at 18. Given the 2 years of prior experience, no? I dont know if it would have been harder if I hadnt been driving for 2 years.

Answer #2

I started driving at 15, got my license at 17… the test wasn’t hard, it’s just nerve wracking. If you’re calm, you’ll do fine

Answer #3

For my 18th birthday, my stepfather paid for a driving-school to teach me how to drive.

Answer #4

20 (this year), i didnt want to start driving when i was younger

Answer #5

I was 17, almost 18. I took driver ed when I was 16, but my parents weren’t all that helpful with getting the required hours done so thats why it took me so long to get it. I was a little nervous during the road test, but otherwise fine. I didn’t know I passed the test cause the dmv employee didn’t tell me if I did or not, so I didn’t know until he said “that’ll be forty dollars and come here for your photo please”. XD

Answer #6

i could have my license alreadyyyy buuuut nooooooooooooo parents don’t want me to be happy >:l i just took my road test today though :D

Answer #7

i turned 16 on august 23rd and i just got it september 17th

Answer #8

I was 23.

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