Let it snow,let it snow,let it snow!

Well, what does everyone think of all the snow? I have my own personal opinions of it all. 2nd day in a row that I have tried to go to work and this morning my car got stuck inour driveway. now the snow is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but when you have to get out and make a living, this is just ridiculous. mother nature has not been kind to us. I am sure some you are over joyed at the snow, because it gets you out of school. I remember those days. I live in southern indiana, and we have got hit hard. Please be careful if you have to get out today, check on the elderly, and animals outside.

Answer #1

this is the first real snow of the year in virginia. we’ve had flurries and stuff…but nothing that would actually stick to the ground, iwas so happy ! they closed schools today :D

Answer #2

I love snow at the beginning of winter to get a break from all the hot weather but then it gets annoying and I hate it .

Answer #3

I hate snow so much!! Like I live in da city of chicago so I dont really see those pretty fields of fresh snow or whatever. All da snow here isnt fluffy and soft its all hard and icy and da roads are horrible. Da snows all black and slushy and nasty. I like snow at the beginnin of winter when its different frm summer and theres only a lil bit of snow. Deres like 1 1/2 feet of snow outside! and I dont get school out because da snow because our schools ghetto like that lol

Answer #4

Snow is a ver horrible thing to me, especially because it gets colder when it does snow. I like the extreme heat, so me and snow dont mix to well. Getting to work is a pain and so is shoveling. it seems that the snow is not goint to stop coming anytime soon. I cant wait for summer. its time for the sun to stop hiding and start giving me warmth.

Answer #5

I love the snow, it’s really pretty but it can be annoying if you still have to go to school. :(

Answer #6

I’m in Australia and have never even seen snow :( It looks pretty on the TV though :)

Answer #7

I’m really excited I’m like a Pig in shite when it snows

Answer #8

well we have snow here. we had no school for 2 days

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