Can learning disordered still attend college and graduate high school?

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which learning disorder? because i have non verbal learning disorder and with that you can still graduate and everything...if its a mental challenge(autisim) then yes to graduating highschool but im not sure about college

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non verbal learning disorder is were it just takes a little longer to write things out :P

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Well it depends on how severe of a learning disorder you have, but I had a math teacher that was dyslecic.

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*dyslexic..... accidentally clicked submit :P

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autism is not a 'mental challenge'. Not everyone who is autistic has a low IQ.

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Yes. Absolutely. I know several people who have dyslexia who have finished college. A lot of colleges will give out as much help as possible to make sure that people with disabilities are able to finish. When I was in my undergrad year I was asked to write notes in several of my classes to be handed out to students. They're very discrete about it, I would hand in my notes to the office and then they would give them to whomever needed them, but there is definitely additional help, and given that IQ doesnt necessarily correlate with a disability, there's no good reason someone with a disability shouldnt attend college.

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There is absolutely no reason why they couldnt

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There shouldn't be anything that can stop you. From what I know, there has to be a way to overcome any and everything. So if you can, look for a program that must be able to help you called "VESID"
Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities
This will do as much as possible for you

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i know that...i help with the steps program at my high school and this is just what i know because i work with the autistic kids at my school...i also vollenteer at a horse barn that does riding for thereapy for the mentally challenged. and both programs i help with consider autism a mental challenge. i am just going by my knowlege, and if i am wrong, i am sorry.

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and i forgot to put the etc in the brackets as well...i know there are more learning challenges and disabilities than autism

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i'm currrently doing 6th grade writing,reading,socila studies,science and 5th grade math...can i still attend college and graduate within 2 years?

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