What is the best type of martial arts?

Don’t say that it is karate because to me that is a panzy thing. i am leanr from someone that i guess knows all the types of martial arts so what is your favorite type you know judo, ti cyon do, jeet hun do, wing chun, kung fu, etc. what is your favorite type?

Answer #1

Karate isn’t a good martial art at all! it’s so wooden and slow >_> For me I like traditional lau gar kung fu as you learn about how to defend yourself against knife attacks, put people in locks, learn about the pressure points and you really discipline yourself. Plus the moves are a lot faster than karate and you learn forms like karate but you’re made to apply them into a fight so you know loads of blocks and loads of different ways to get out of a punch or something. Tai quan do is also a good one to learn. I say, you try them all out because then you know all different movements and you can learn how to apply all of those movements from different parts of the world. A lot of my friends do kick boxing, kung fu, tai quan do and jujitsu. They are very good when they put them all together during sparing and I think it helps to know lots of different martial arts. But personally I really dont like karate or judo

Answer #2

If you’re looking to beat the snot out of someone taekwondo or jujitsu (sp?) are the best.

Answer #3

I’d vote for Krav Maga. It isn’t a pretty martial art but can be brutally effective. It skips all the belts, board breaking and discipline/honor/respect platitudes and goes directly to if someone is trying to kill or maim you how to kill or maim them first.

Answer #4

I’ve noticed that all my friends who’ve taken up Jujitsu and Judo to be quite tough.

Answer #5

There is no BEST type of martial arts. It just depends on what your looking for. I have studied just about every fighting style at some point but I personally am partial to Taekwondo and Judo because i’ve been studying taekwondo since I was 5 and judo for years as well. If you are looking to defend yourself Krav Maga is a great choice. Judo is great defence if your on your feet, jujitsu is good for if it goes to the ground. It all depends on what your looking for.

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Answer #7

i would say karate cause they teach you how to defend and attack if needed, i am not sure where in london they teach i would not know as i am not from round there if you check your local papers it should tell you where there are karate meetings and the times

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