Who know if this some kind of Anger disorder?

who know if this a anger disorder, like when i get mad or something. I get the urge to Punch something or throw something, after i do i get calm very quick. I know i got a bad temper but still, anyone know if like a disorder or what this is -.- cause idk maybe anger impulses ( or how ever you spell it )

Answer #1

This? What is this? Do you mind giving us some sort of outburst….uh….explanation?

Answer #2

sorry i forgot to put details, but i edited it now :)

Answer #3

If what is? Anger problems are actually more commen than most people realize and anger management classes are the best ways to deal with your anger. Even if you dont know if its a problem or not…attend a class and talk to others and a counselor about how you feel. It helps to be around people who know what your going through and can offer support.

Answer #4

ill bet you 50$ that no one in this city know what i have to go thru -.-

Answer #5

Ok, lol. sorry. I figured. My attempt at making a joke.

I have the same thing, more or less. I think it is normal and you found a way to vent your anger, however if you start hitting something other than a punching bag, I suggest talking to someone to work through some issues.

Answer #6

Ill bet you more that your wrong. There is always someone out there that is going through or has gone through the things that you are. I myself am a recovering dru.g addict and used to feel the same way, i was kicked out and homeless, i did things i dont even like to think about to get dru.gs and i used to feel the same way….no one knew what i was going through. Until istarted going to meetings. Anger problems are the same way…there are people who know and have been throuh what you have and can help.

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The only way i would consider going to them meeting is if i find someone who got the same main problem that i do, which is probably why im so bitter and got such a temper

Answer #8

I’m not talking to no one, unstill i see someone with the same problem i have to deal with every day

Answer #9

IF you aren’t willing to get helped, your problem isn’t going to go away. And there is no way that you are the only one on this planet with an anger problem.

Answer #10

Listen hun, believe it or not but you arent the only that has anger issues..no matter what is triggering them or why for that matter is irrelevant at this point in time…what is relevant is the fact that you need anger management classes to learn how to deal & how to stop the urges from making you become violent in general!

Everyone that goes to anger management classes go for the same reason, to control their temper, stop the tantrums & learn to calm down before then loose their temper… Now it’s all up to you…you can either say: “Ok, I acknowledge that fact that I do have issues with anger & need some sort of support system to help me get that under control!” or you can say to yourself…”ah w00tever, I have no anger issues!” continue putting the blame on anyone else but yourself…allow it to get worse til god forbid you do loose control and wind up hurting someone you love…blame them for making you mad & then be taken into custody where you will have to go through anger management classes anyways only after feeling like sh!t because you will always know that you hurt someone you cared about which make you even more angrier! So my friend…you dont really have much choice… personally I think it takes a man to admit he has a problem rather then being a coward & trying to put the blame on someone else…or perhaps make excuses as to why it isnt a problem & hide behind saying “I got it all under control!”

Think about that before you answer! Hope things work out for ya!

Answer #11

ok yes i know i got a problem, but no I’m not taking classes for it but im not blaming no one for it

Answer #12

well, dont you want help calming you down? I mean seriously… Do you enjoy these outbursts you seem to have when you have it? Does it make you feel good to loose control every other time you get into an argument? Is it not an embarrassing feeling to have people stare at you when you are loosing control like that?! If your answer is yes then so be it…but if your answer is no then you are going to have to face reality that you need help…and the sooner you get it, the quicker you can learn to change your life by controlling it & dealing with the tantrums… so do yourself a favor asap…speak to someone…your guidance counselor, your priest or other spiritual adviser if you have one, your parents might know who to contact as well…perhaps someone can guide you to contact a youth group for anger management classes in your area…and please, get the help you so desperately need…if you dont you will only be hurting yourself in the long run!

Answer #13

Well i got problems talking to peoples, (cause i got a bad speech impediment), so i like to keep my distant from peoples

Answer #14

Having a speech impediment shouldn’t stop you from getting help for anything. People that are mature, older teens, adults, are most likely not going to tease you about things like that. So try talking to them about it, as opposed to someone 14-16yrs. old. :)

Answer #15

hey angelee…muah…right on girl….you tell him!

no matter what your speech problem may be you cant hide behind it…what you are doing is allowing it to hold you back due to fear…what will they say or what will they think…news flash, who the f*ck cares….by allowing that fear to run your life you are stopping yourself from achieving your goal in life…you are allowing it to control you rather then you control it!!! If you dont stop it now, it is going to take over your life…is that what you really want??? Wouldn’t you like to be in control where you get to call the shots & say: “No…I am not going to allow my fear & insecurity to get in the way of my helping myself for a better future?!” All it takes is some will power…and no one can help you get that…you have to find it buried deep inside of you & fight for your freedom…no one can do it for you! So are you going to let it stop you from getting help? Or are you going to fight for your freedom to choose to get the help you need so you can overcome this anger management issue & be a better person for a better future?!

Answer #16

that easier said then done, A lot of time i ignore the fact that i do got a speech impediment, but when somone say something about it. Tons of Bad Memories come flying back into my head, and i remember all the pain that i felt cause of it, so it hard not to feel fear when peoples look at you in strang way, or say something about that, cause of that i did bad in school, never talk to peoples, won’t ask for help a lot, i won’t even try to get a job -.- i been trying to work on getting over it forever but i can’t

Answer #17

“i been trying to work on getting over it forever but i can’t”… that’s why you need the help of other people, sometimes you can’t do it alone. Like I said, adults are more likely to be able to help you out, they are mature and won’t tease you or anything like that. Counselors are great to talk to! I had one before, I went once a week, and talked about anything and everything! Everything you say is confidential and they give you great advice! Also, they can send you to someone else that is higher up than them (psychiatrists, another counselor that specifies in certain things.) If they feel like they can help you better. It really is a good way to get help. I hated school, I always was made fun of. I never really talked to anyone in school because I was soo self-conscious…even now after I am no longer in school, I have problems socializing. When I went to the counselor, I didn’t want to talk to them at all! I just sat there. Then, I tried talking, and it worked out great! they listened to everything I needed to get out, and suggested solutions for my problems. I really recommend you to try it. Just try it, you might like it after you get used to your counselor.

Answer #18

well i wouldn’t know what to talk about, and what if they don’t understand me, i would be sitting there feeling worst then before

Answer #19

You can talk about ANYTHING! Random things, things that bother you, ask them about what you should do about something…Also, I recommend a woman counselor, in my opinion, they are more sensitive and understanding. Also, The first counselor you go to may not be the best one. For example, some can be smarta$$es…if you don’t like them, because they are rude or anything like that. Then just look for a different counselor. I went through about 5, and there was only 2 that I really liked. Find one that you like, and seems to understand you and give you the best advice.

Answer #20

great advice Angelee, I second what she just said…you cant hide behind that excuse forever unless you want to be mad & p!ssed off for the rest of your life…dont you want to have all of that lifted off your chest & just be able to say hey \i am who I am…like it or not…i am going to deal with my issues & be a better person about it?! no one is perfect son, but we all try to do what ever it takes to at least be considered ok in other people’s eyes…just long enough to get by…So if you dont want to continue living this way…and finally get some backbone to stand up for yourself & demand the respect you so deserve but you have to fight for it…it aint going t just be handed down to ya on a silver platter…you gotta grab for it…by getting the right help like we have suggested…by talking to others that wont laugh at you or judge you & that you will only get in a group with people like you that have the same fears, the same anger issues & are willing to fight it off by surrendering to the help…just allow for it to all roll down your back…so what if some one says you have a speech issue…who cares…you arent there to make friends…you are there to recover from these issues that are bothering you & have for so long…and I am not saying they will tease you or wont for that matter what I am saying is for you to learn to let it roll off your back to you can learn to deal with your anger…how…by committing to your goal…to get help…for you…not them or anyone at home…just for you & you alone! Do it for your future…its not too late…it never is…like I said it takes a man to stand up & deal with his problems…it takes a coward to stand behind and come up with 100000000000 different reasons & excuses why he shouldnt change that & become a better man for it! Someone who deserves respect…

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If you would like, you can follow me, and send me some FunMail, I will try to help you out the best I can. I don’t mind talking with people about their problems, and I don’t judge. I understand people because I have a lot of problems myself and I know how hard it can be. Especially when you feel alone.

Answer #22

You know your right, :) from now on ill try to do things without worrying what peoples will think, :) you should consider a career in being a counselor. cause you and angelee are great at it

but yeah next time i get mad ill just smile and walk off, and i guess i won’t drop out of school

Thank :D

Answer #23

thank i will when i have a problem :)

Answer #24

:O it say i cant follow you

Answer #25

:) your welcome, we’re so happy to help. :)

Answer #26

You are following me. I think. Your on my list of followers.

Answer #27

i would call it anger issues..if you dont want to get help or dont feel you need to just try to keep your cool and calmness.think about things and how you should deal with them.easier said than done fersure.

Answer #28

You don’t have to just FunMail me when you have a problem, you can just FunMail me to talk, about anything. I will listen. :)

Answer #29

:) awe, that is so sweet of you to say hun, I am glad we were able to help ya out…always remember, chin up..take a deep breath…count to 10…and walk away! hugs♥

Answer #30

same here…anytime you need a friend…I will be there & try to offer you the best advice I can. ♥

Answer #31

thank :D

Answer #32

me too(= i love to help people.

Answer #33

aww! This whole page is nothing but a bundle of cuteness…LMAO!!! haha! ^_^

Answer #34

lol :D this is the page of cuteness

Answer #35

lol…just real people showing a little bit of loving…doesnt hurt to offer advice & be nice…I always try to help where ever I can…too bad it takes so long to become an adviser in real life…so much schooling just to be able to offer advice & help people out! Such a shame…because i really do enjoy doing it…thanks Funadvice, for allowing us to offer our free advice to anyone & everyone who is willing to take it & actually being able to make a difference for good in their lives! Gives people hope & understanding that perhaps there is a better way…and some real truly blessed people who are willing to listen & help with all of their hearts! Bless you all funadvice creator’s & members as 1 big happy family…♥

Answer #36

Amen to that Temp :D


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Answer #38

Hugs :D

Answer #39

No. There is no anger disorder in the DSM. Usually anger issues come from not dealing with issues. Avoidance is common with people who get angry. Thus the out pouring of negative emotions in response to certain cues. If you want to deal with it, you’re going to have to actually deal with it. As big as a fan as I am of avoidance, counseling’s probably your best bet here.

Answer #40

Oh people who think they are the only ones on the planets who’ve had to deal with crap. I’ll bet you $50 I could find you about 100 of them in about a day. There are kids who’ve been raped, tortured and been in wars. And they’re not unique, although thankfully their numbers arent that large. What makes you think you are?

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