How can i get myself to jump higher when spiking in volleyball?

Answer #1

practice jumping from the squat position. do more work with your legs with exercises. with the squat position jump as high as you could and as many times as you could in set intervals. this helped me improve my vertical jump

Answer #2

Concentrate on, gather all the strength of leg muscles then jump

Answer #3

Perhaps just-practice! Maybe find a tree and say “okay, that limb is the volleyball net. I want to get it that high.” And then practice! Just get a ball, and well…practice! sorry for the lack of help.. Just though I would pitch in a bit. best of luck

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Answer #5

You will need to work on your ups. It helps to be in good shape. You can improve by doing jump rope and calve raise exercises. Push your self to do your best each time.

Answer #6

Bend your knees an just spring up

Answer #7

During volleyball season, I have a weights/training instructor that helps me condition for volleyball specifically. For jumps, it’s really important to work on the muscles on the back of your legs - squats (I think you ought to know the ones I mean) are the best for jumps, they help tone your muscles for when you jump. Then you gotta put it to work on the court and just practice your butt off.

Answer #8

make your thighs and calfs strong by doing work outs.

Answer #9

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