How do I get out of volleyball in PE class?

How do I get out of PE for the next 2 weeks so I dont have to play volleyball?

Answer #1

fake a note, start to limp, you cud skip every gym class, I skipped for weeks eventually they gave in and I didnt get in and e trouble lol but all schools are different

Answer #2

just do it, life is about challenges and doing things you don’t want to do, be an adult about this, you will see that it’s not as bad as you make it.

Answer #3

the better question is how do you get out of the mile…lol…Im not sure. Try to fake an injury or injury urself haha dont injury urself I don’t know But after like 3 days the gym teacher will be like you should see a doctor and then you will need a note from the doctor…

Answer #4

look up a picture of the bones of the hand and identify the SCAPHOID bone. You don’t have to smash your hand for this to work. Make an appointment with a doctor. Tell the doctor you dropped a very object (like a metal ladder) and it hit you on that part of your hand. Now this is crucial. When the doctor presses down on that area of your hand (see in a picture online on any medical site), tell her/him that it really hurts and aches. You will be sent for an xray and the doctor should send you over to the emergency dept. for a THUMB SPIKE cast. Actually it is only half a cast but hell it’ll work since you will have to where it for 2 WEEKS before any confirmation of a fracture would show up in an xray. Damn if I knew about this when I was in school, I would’ve used it many times to get out of gym! good luck and DON’T hurt yourself okay?

Answer #5

bring in a pregnency test and tell them you dont want to play couse you dont want to hurt the baby

Answer #6

how bout you dont be fat…and play. hmmm…me lieky.

Answer #7

Just do it

Answer #8

fake a sprained ankle… that always works. just wrap it in a tensor… it worked for me. =P

Answer #9

quit being lazy.

Answer #10

simple.. say you have asthma. lol. :] always works.

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