Jobs for sex offenders

I am trying to find a job and I am having a hard time because I messed up one time in my life and got caught.

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if you have a record of violence or something like that, I don't think you can get a job, except at McDonalds

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jiffy lube will hire sex offenders

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Well, I guess if your 'HONEST" on your applications Mc Donalds will not hire because they have a specific section for SEX OFFENDERS. Hey Im in Taylor MI, does anybody with a sex offense have a job or anybody they know could help me get a job somewhere???

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I don't know I know a few people, and they all have normal jobs...mechanic, gas station, mcdonlds, and a landscaper... goodluck.

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Usually felons, even sex offenders, can find jobs in blue collar type jobs. Contruction, Paint, Oil Fields. Your not likely to find a desk job, obviously.
Do you have a parole officer? Have you tried talking to them and getting some help.

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taco bell mc donalds etc.

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I'm a sex offender and once I was released from prison I got a job working at Wendy's. I went there with a mindframe of getting the job done and within a year I worked myself up as assistant manager. Now we have a new district manager and he is doing everything he can to fire me or make me quit. He accussed me of sexually harrassing my employees (which is total B.S.) Now I am suspanded without pay. My point is... there are jobs that will hire you and there are jobs that will give you an opportunity to advance. Its all about who you know and what your mindframe and attitude is. Just be aware that there are people out there that want you to fall. BE CAREFUL AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP.

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dairy queen in new port richey will hire sex offenders.

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