Jeans is or jeans are...

Which is the correct way of responding to "May I wear jeans?" "Yes, jeans are fine" or "Yes, jeans is fine"? Initial thought was using "are", but in this sense jeans is in the singular form...stumped...??

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"Jeans are" because you don't have a jean, you have jeans. They are plural therefore ARE is used as opposed to Is for a single object.

AKA the mouse is in the corner, versus the mice are in the corner

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When people say jeans, they are referring to TWO jean-pantlegs, but you don't only wear one jean pantleg do you? So, the way to refer to jeans is always plural, just like how you say "I bought a pair of pants" rather that "pant."

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it would be are b/c jeans has the s on the end just like in spanish its used as plural too.

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i think jeans 'are' is correct...but yeah i never thought about it...weird eh

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